Jane the Virgin S3E18 Review

What's in store for Jane and Fabian? Is Petra in danger? Those are the biggest things we will find out this week on Jane the Virgin.

S3E18 "Chapter Sixty-Two"

Jane gets asked to write a column about dating, which could potentially get her book more attention. She tries to channel her inner Sex and the City, which is entertaining. Meanwhile, she ends up talking about books with Fabian. It's entertaining as he has analysis he believes is insightful, but is really very surface-level. Then, Jane prepares to have sex with Fabian, as he is now ready. Her inner conflict here is interesting, and I especially loved the fact that she got a call from Alba. Jane discovers that she and Fabian are not on the same page, but after Jane tells him what she really wanted, he ends up wanting that too. Jane worries about having casual sex, but she does it, and doesn't feel guilty.

When Jane goes home to talk to Mateo after he has a nightmare, he starts asking her some interesting questions, such as what "artificial" means and how babies are made. Mateo ends up running around the playground giving the girls special hugs. After these funny moments, things get sweet as Jane and Rafael explain to Mateo how he was made. What's also sweet this week is that Xo and Rogelio don't want to have a big wedding, because it may remind Jane of Michael, but she wants to celebrate them in a big way.

Petra is in danger, as we found out last week that Chuck is JP. The scenes with Petra and Chuck are tense, as we hope that Petra will find out before it's too late, and the way it is set up when she would have found out, but she denied Rafael's call because he left a voicemail saying that he had feelings for him is clever. However, we then get reminded that being JP doesn't mean that Chuck killed Scott, and when he tells Petra that he didn't kill Scott, it seems convincing. At the end of the episode, Rafael finds out that Petra heard his message, but they are interrupted by the police, who have new information.

I really don't care about the Rafael and Petra relationship (like, at all), but it was hardly present in this episode, and the other parts were all great, so this was a great episode.

Score: 10/10

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