The 100 S3E14 Review

We are nearing the finale of the third season. Will ALIE be defeated this year, or will she live on?

S3E14 "Red Sky at Morning"

At the start of the episode, the prisoners escape, and plan to go after Jaha's backpack. Raven tries to convince Monty that they shouldn't wait for Clarke, but Monty believes that they should stick to the plan. Clarke tells Bellamy and Octavia that they can put the AI into Luna's head, which is a plan that Octavia doesn't like.

Raven makes a discovery, and Monty tries to get her to rest, but she refuses. Clarke tries to put the AI into Luna, but she is a good fighter. Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia discover that ALIE is there. Jasper tries to help the girl he met escape, but she gets shot.

Jasper, Luna, and others are tortured so that they take the key. As Monty has fallen asleep, Raven puts her plan into action, which worries ALIE, as it would leave the backpack as her only power source. Monty's mother then is put in the way to keep them from going farther.

Raven confirms to Monty that if they delete his mother's code, she will be gone forever, and Monty agrees to do this. Raven almost kills ALIE, but she removes herself from the Arkadia mainframe, so Monty gets angry. ALIE has transferred to the escape pod, which helps her survive, as Pike is too late in destroying her.

Luna fights back against ALIE's warriors, and finally agrees to become the commander. A ceremony is held, but it turns out she is still sure that she doesn't want to be the commander, as their plan seems to similar to "blood must have blood". Bellamy, Octavia, and Jasper turn to Clarke when they reach land to ask "now what?"

This was a great episode, especially from Raven and Monty.

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