Wayward Pines Season 2 Premiere Review

The summer season begins for me tonight with Wayward Pines. This review will be different than my past reviews in that it will be less recap-like. I plan to continue to review half-hour comedies in that Wayward Pines. I loved season 1, but should it have continued?
way, but change my style with hour-long dramas. Depending on the style of show, the review will either be divided into storyline reviewing, or it will be somewhat sequential but with less telling of what happened. Now that I have gone over that, I am excited but also worried for the season 2 premiere of

S2E1 "Enemy Lines"

The episode began in present day, introducing us to our new protagonist. We also got to see Terrance Howard's Sheriff Pope, who was an entertaining character, sad that he died so soon. The beginning didn't give us much, just giving us a brief introduction to the new character, who is a doctor.

The new Wayward Pines is much like expected. A curfew is being enforced due to rebel activity. Dr. Yedlin runs off, with instincts much like Ethan Burke upon arriving at Wayward Pines. In a house he enters, there is a portrait of David Pilcher. I wonder how intense their devotion to him is.

Dr. Yedlin is brought to the hospital, where he is given a fake story about Wayward Pines. The new leaders discuss what to do about the rebellion, while Megan Fisher tells them all about "clear and severe". It really makes no sense that she survived, but she was so creepy that I enjoy having her back. We also got to see the returns of the characters of Kate and Arlene, who are patients, as well as Ben, the leader of the rebellion.

Kate tells Jason that things change, and that he hasn't evolved. Evolved was an interesting word choice, considering that the whole situation of Wayward Pines has to do with evolution. The flashbacks provided are should be interesting, providing backstory, but I really don't care about them, and I feel that the episode is moving too slowly.

Jason grants amnesty to any follower of Ben's who comes forward. When no one does, he begins with the public executions. He seems like a shaky leader, unlike some of the others in power.

Ben's group comes forward, which I am surprised about. Dr. Yedlin and his wife are reunited, and when Dr. Yedlin meets with Jason, he wants to know what's going on. Dr. Yedlin is way too much like Ethan Burke. Creepy Megan Fisher visits Kate, and Kate ends up killing herself because she doesn't want to live in this world. Dr. Yedlin is introduced to the abbies when he and Ben are sent outside the wall, but the abbies are behaving in a strange way.

I really wasn't sure about season 2 leading up to this premiere, and I am still just as unsure. It seems like Dr. Yedlin is too much like Ethan to be an interesting character. This was an alright episode, not as good as any in season 1.

What did you think of "Enemy Lines"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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