The Goldbergs S3E23 Review

Materialism is a concept usually frowned upon in society, but after this episode, you'll end up wondering why you feel sympathy towards a shirt.

S3E23 'Big Orange'

Barry's orange shirt has been an unfocused icon of the show so I'm not really surprised to see it play a major role in this episode. Like many caring mothers, Beverly just wants to see her son be as handsome as possible. But Barry's constant use of his old orange shirt deprives her of that pleasure. The same also applies to Lainey, who also is disgusted by the shirt. By uniting their control over Barry, Beverly and Lainey work together to get him to stop wearing the shirt. They take him shopping but he still doesn't wear the shirts they bought for him. Beverly then decides to do the one thing that crosses the line. She ruined the shirt in the washing machine.

Meanwhile, Adam tries to stop Murray from tearing down his tree house because it couldn't support his weight so he tries to enlists Erica to help save it since it used to be their headquarters during their childhood detective games. According to Adams logic, as long as he has a case to work on, Murray can't destroy the treehouse.(Yeah, I don't get it either)

Barry asks Adam and Erica to find his shirts killer which Erica immediately states was Beverly, but Adam doesn't listen. Lainey feels guilty about teaming up with Beverly and tells the mystery team about her involvement. Adam refuses to accept it, believing that she is just a patsy for the mastermind and instead accuses the JTP in front of Barry at the school gym. But eventually Adam tells Barry about Lainey's confession which leads to Barry unleashing his anger on Lainey and his mother. The ladies feel bad and try to get him another shirt. After that fails, they decide to help Barry move on by giving the shirt a funeral (Seriously?). But Barry gives a strange, funny and sweet eulogy to his dear friend who had been at his side(or rather his back) for many years. In the end, Barry manages to find a new sirt while Erica and Adam get to work on a new treehouse.

I feel like this is one of the best episodes of the season, mostly because I could relate to some of the events of this episode. Like Barry, my older brother also has a shirt he has been wearing for a long time which everyone in the house finds annoying, but its Adams interactions with Erica which I connected to since my sister and I are on similarly good terms. Despite having very few scenes, I think Murray gave some of his best dialogues in this episode. My favourite part of this episode was when Adam confronts the JTP about Barry's shirt. Those guys I still dont understand why they made Barry their leader but at least they bring some good laughs, especially Jeff and Naked Rob (AKA Gibby from Icarly)

Quote of the week; "I got the backup khakis from my locker. This isn't my first rodeo"

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