Preacher Pilot Review

Time to make Jonathan's maybe into a definitely. Starting now I will be the official reviewer of Preacher for The TV Ratings Guide.

S1E1 'Pilot'

I've always been a fan of Seth Rogen but I never took him seriously, even in his serious attempt at acting in the Green Hornet. But this must be the most serious thing he has done. The pilot has a lot of comedic elements but it doesn't stray towards being nonsensical.

Cassidy and Tulip had great introduction stories but I felt Jessie's was a bit boring since all he did was talking, but I felt his story improving after he met Eugene.

Most pilots are usually a bit slow since they are used to set the characters and premise and this pilot feel a bit slow since it was 60 minutes long but it compensated with a lot of action and gore.

While it doesn't fully stay true to the comic (The original story doesn't take place within only one town) but it still remains an enjoyable experience

Quote of the week: "We are who we are Jesse Custer"

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