Upfront Week Live Stream - Thursday

We're almost done with the upfront week madness! The CW is today! Refresh for updates. 

Update #1: We should be getting the schedule between 8:00 and 9:00 am ET. 
Update #2: The schedule is out, according to Deadline.
Update #3: Lots of shows have been benched. 
Update #4: Everything else on the schedule is fine, but Mondays and Tuesdays have some rather odd pairings. They are definitely using the elections to boost their new shows. Somehow, not using companion shows just might be a big mistake. But it's better than both CBS and FOX. However, I think its about the same as NBC. Grade: B-
Update #5: The sizzle reel is out for 16-17. No surprise, it's mostly all DC shows and CBS comedies. 
Update #6: Out of all of the schedules, ABC in my opinion had the better schedule. 
Update #7: In other news, there will be a 4 way crossover with all four 8pm DC shows. 
Update #8: Pedowitz apparently said that this is not necessarily the last season of The Vampire Diaries. Can somebody say 90210? 
Update #9: No Tomorrow and Frequency trailers are out! No Tomorrow has a first look, while Frequency has a trailer and a first look. 
Update #10: Did anyone catch the sizzle reel on SpoilerTV? 
Update #11: Well that ended Upfront week. Anybody waiting for Comic Con?

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