Jane the Virgin Season 2 Finale Review

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The biggest thing I have been wondering leading up to this finale is: will Jane still remain a virgin? She's getting married, but I have been thinking that a serious twist will keep her from having sex until the series finale.

S2E22 "Chapter Forty-Four"

At the start of the episode, in flashback, Alba tells Jane about her wedding. In the present, Jane and Michael are excited for their wedding, and Rogelio is making sure everything is going to work out. The rehearsal goes poorly when Xo and Rogelio get in an argument due to the sex basket she receives, and Mateo causes an incident.

Rafael and Luisa talk, and she tells him not to tell Jane that he loves her. Maybe Luisa really has changed after all. It would be nice character development, thought I would miss her craziness. Alba tells Xo and Jane the truth about her wedding day, which was a complete disaster, unlike she had told them before.

Jane gets the perfect idea for her new thesis, and the only way to get it approved is to go the council in person. She does so, and they approve her new thesis. She gets into her wedding dress and is ready for the wedding, but it is only twenty-four minutes until it, and Rogelio's car overheats, so they take the bus.

Jane and Rogelio talk to take her mind off of being late to her wedding. They finally arrive, and when Rogelio goes to tell Michael that she is there, Rafael brings Mateo out to her, and despite the fact that he wanted to, Rafael doesn't tell Jane that he loves her. The wedding begins, and it is hilarious when Rogelio gives Michael a very long hug. Michael says the vows in Spanish, which finally convinces me that Michael actually is a good fit for Jane. Jane hilariously imagines the church singing to her to have sex.

Bruno Mars sings as Jane and Michael dance. Petra goes home, and when she starts crying, one of the twins laughs, which results in a hilarious comment that she has Petra's sense of humor. However, things get darker when Anezka has a seizure. However, later it turns out that Anezka has swapped places with Petra.

Michael gets Jane a slow globe of them. Xo discovers that she's pregnant, and Rafael has sex with Anezka. Jane and Michael prepare to have sex, but when Michael goes out into the hall, he sees his partner, and he realizes that she is the mole. So, she shoots him, and then reveals to Luisa that she is Rose.

This was a great finale, with so many twists, especially the ending! I can't believe I have to wait five months to find out what happens next!

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