Upfront Week Live Stream - Monday

Welcome to the Monday live stream of Upfront Week. Yesterday was mostly quiet, but today, I will share my thoughts about FOX's schedule as well as provide information about the upfronts. As always, please refresh for updates.

Update #1: Well, it's not too crazy of a schedule. Mostly no shockers, but the only mess up I think in the schedule is keeping Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Tuesday, instead of moving it back to Sundays. But I think this is a somewhat better schedule than what NBC put out yesterday. Grade: B-
Update #2: This morning is the NBC Upfronts. I will give the play by play breakdown of what happens. E! Online is doing a Live from the Red Carpet live stream in fifteen minutes.
Update #3: Live stream is on now. Here's the link! http://www.eonline.com/
Update #4: The FOX schedule is not getting good reception on SpottedRatings, on TVBTN, and on SpoilerTV.
Update #5: Some fabulous looks on the NBCUniversal red carpet.
Update #6: Timeless cast members are now on the interview table!
Update #7: It won't be long until the NBCUniversal upfront presentation. It starts at 11:00am. Later, FOX upfronts will begin at 4:00pm.
Update #8: Since we can't watch the upfront presentation for NBC, we got some tweets. 

Who wants to see that Mr. Robot trailer?
Update #9: According to the live blog on Deadline:
"CBS appears to have infiltrated NBU’s Upfront presentation, and already has rebutted NBC claims made at the top of this event:
NBC’s #1 claims are all about sports and more specifically, are all about the NFL.  Removing just the Super Bowl but including NBC Sunday Night Football for 2015-16 averages is BS.   However, If you remove ALL NFL TELECASTS from all networks, we are #1, beating NBC by one-tenth in A18-49, 1.9 vs. 1.8. With the Olympics this summer they are likely to win A18-49 for the 2015-16 broadcast year.  However, if you remove all NFL telecasts for all networks for the 2014-15 broadcast year, NBC drops to 3rd place, behind both CBS and ABC."
Update #10: From the Variety Live Blog:

Update #11: Earlier on - Jimmy Fallon opens the show, dressed as Hamilton and singing: Ten shows premiering this fall and the word “Chicago” appears in them all….At least we can say we’re the network that fired Donald Trump.”
Update #12: #NBCU2016 has been trending on Twitter for the past few hours. 
Update #13: Grim Reaper is back at it on Twitter. 

Obviously, still bitter that CBS news is still MIA. But this is NBCUniversal, the home of failing cable networks E! and Syfy in the ratings department.
Update #14: It's a wrap for NBCUniversal, according to Deadline. We have two hours and thirty minutes until the FOX upfronts. Stay tuned!
Update #15: Well some CBS news has came out, and I missed it. Code Black, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders and The Odd Couple are renewed. Still no word on Limitless and Rush Hour.
Update #16: With 15 minutes until the FOX upfronts, I have cancelation news from CBS. Rush Hour has been canceled.
Update #17: The Reaper is perplexed about Code Black's renewal.
Update #18: FOX's upfront presentation begins as the Deadline and Variety live blogs are in full force.
Update #19: Some tweets.

Update #20: Outside, FOX is promoting Prison Break.
Update #21: A link to a news story about FOX's plans for 2016-17. Apparently the network will be airing more original programming than ever before. http://adage.com/article/special-report-tv-upfront/fox-upfronts-more-originals/304021/
Update #22: From Deadline: "NatGeo investing in A-list talent, Byrne says, and is off to a great start with Story of God, which was the most watched series in network’s 15-year history. Ron Howard will direct the first scripted series for the network, anthology series Genius."
Update #23: Empire music at the Upfronts folks.
Update #24: Looks like I have to do a software update. Going mobile for the time being.
Update #25: I'm back. Software updated! Now, the upfronts begin.
Update #26: Behold, some more tweets.

Update #27: We are onto some trailers. Rick is is cringing about APB's trailer.
Yep, why was APB picked up? I don't know. Also, the Rocky Horror Picture Show is probably being laughed at during the trailer presentation.
Update #28: FOX has released the trailers to YouTube. Enjoy at your own convenience.
Update #29: In case you haven't heard already, TVBTN has mentioned our site in their Family Guy renewal article. This is huge!
Update #30: The comedy formerly known as The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport is now renamed American Housewife.

Update #31: With all shows' fates known, except for Limitless, we can speculate on what news does come out.
Update #32: Tomorrow, the ABC schedule comes out around 12:00pm Eastern time. So I am ending this live stream. Later peeps! 

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