Person Of Interest S5E4 Review

I feel like I made a mistake by putting up my previous review during the bloodbath last week. For those who missed out on it, here's the link: POI S5E3 Review

S5E4 '6,741'

Shaw's back, but not how we had hoped. After getting captured by Samaritan, Shaw is subjected to multiple forms of torture, mostly psychological but she also gets a chip placed in her neck. She eventually manages to escape her prison and goes to a convenience store and attempts to take the chip out of her. But since she could not do it alone, she decides to call on her old friends. She takes the cashier hostage and makes a call about the crime. Samaritans agents show up and try to capture Shaw  but she takes them down just as Root shows up to help her. Because of all the trauma she went though she falls unconscious leaving Root and Reese to take her back to the subway. Shaw wakes up to find the whole team in her room and the chip out of her body. After the guys leave, Root and Shaw decide to pick up where they left off.(If you know what I mean)

 After a fun night together, Shaw goes into the bathroom and starts remembering her trauma again, leaving her in a daze and waking up to find C4 and a gun in her hand. Later, Root leaves Shaw to go meet Reese. Shaw follows her and spies on their conversation in a diner. Reese tells Root that Harold analyzed the chip in Shaw and discovered it was a placebo and tells her that Shaw can't be trusted. Shaw is oddly offended and confronts them about it. She then tells them that she will take down Samaritan and picks up a nearby phone to turn herself into bait. Not surprisingly, the agents show up but Shaw, Reese and Root take them out and subsequently go to Samaritan headquarters and capture Greer.

 They take Greer to the basement of an old church where he couldn't be found. After tying Greer up, Shaw tells the gang that Greer most likely has a fail safe against Samaritan. She notices a recent cut on his arm, opens it up and digs inside his arm(ew) until she finds a memory storage device inside and gives it to Harold. Harold checks the device and finds a program which could end Samaritan. Along with Root, Harold goes to implement the program while Shaw and Reese keep watch over Greer. Reese hears a voice nearby and goes to see if it is an intruder. Greer then tells Shaw that everything is going according to plan. He then tells her that she had been brainwashed by Samaritan many months ago and everything that had happened so far was her plan. Shaw refuses to accept this and shoots Greer in the head. She then starts acting paranoid and also ends up shooting Reese. Root meets up with her and tries to take her to a safe place. Shaw refuse and tells her that she cannot trust herself, which leads her to the decision of taking her own life.

But wait!! She's not dead. None of this actually happened because all this was just another damn simulation, this time created by Samaritan. I guess this is a perfect example for using the idiom, "Fool me, once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me". Regardless, I was impressed with this episode. It felt good to have Shaw back after a year but it was tragic to see her go through so much suffering.
I was pleasantly surprised to see the sex scene between Root and Shaw, especially considering that this is CBS, which is a very conservative network. But sadly it isn't canon because it was part of the simulation.  At least this time I was a little suspicious. I thought that they had captured Greer too easily and it became even more apparent when Reese died. Still, I was more surprised to see that it was a simulation instead of a dream. It was as crazy as If-Then Else, but I still think that episode was better. But at least it is worth being in the top 10 episodes.

Quote of the week: "Move along, Milhouse"

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