Person of Interest S5E3 Review

Team Machines's attack against Samaritan hasn't begun yet, but for now, we are treated to a Reese -centric episode with action, flashbacks and depressing stuff.

S5E3 'Truth Be Told'

 Back in 2010, Reese and his ex-partner Kara get sent on a mission by the CIA commander Beale to Afghanistan to interrogate an army officer for illegally selling weapons. Reese and Kara go and interrogate the officer and search his room, only to find nothing.

In the present day, After a date with Iris, Reese goes to work on a new number, an employee at a security firm. Reese keeps an eye on Duncan, the number and discovers he is stealing classified documents kept by his company. Reese follows Duncan until he gets kidnapped by Beale, his former boss. Knowing that Beale would recognize him, Reese walks away and thinks of an alternate way to save Duncan. With the help of the Machine, Reese tracks them down to a warehouse and rescues Duncan while wearing a mask, but that doesn't stop Beale from recognizing him. Reese takes Duncan to a hotel and Duncan opens up about his theft. He was trying to find out  what happened to his brother who had mysteriously died while he was working for the army. Reese recognizes him as the officer he interrogated and in another flashback it is revealed that Reese had killed him. After talking to Harold, Reese decides to keep quiet about it.

To help Duncan get closure, Reese goes with him back to Duncan's office to find out more information but get captured by Beale. Beale makes Reese tell Duncan about what happened to his brother but he lies about not killing him and that his brother was a hero. Reese then incapacitates Beale and his agents and gets away with Duncan. In a final flashback it is revealed that his brother really was corrupt after finding it hidden in his briefcase. Later, Beale secretly meets Reese at a newspaper stand and thanks Reese for sparing his life. In return Beale agreed to not tell anyone that Reese was alive. Their conversation leads Reese to believe that he cannot live a normal life, which leads to his decision to break up with Iris at the end.

Meanwhile Root starts working for the APS(Parody of UPS) thanks to her rotating identities provided by the machine. The Machine helps her realize there is something fishy going on with some of the packages. Her route involves her dropping off a package at a building not registered as the recipient and after a while, picking up the package and delivering it to its original destination. With the help of Harold, they discover that they are laptops which have been altered to include a code placed by Samaritan with a basic function of espionage on its user.

I'm still waiting for the big fight but I'm content with what I got so far. While I was happy to see an episode focused on Reese, I felt that his connection to the case felt cliche`. But I'm glad we had some focus on Samaritan, even if it was just for investigation. I felt that Root and Harold's story was more interesting than Reese's but his story had more emotion to it. I was pleasantly surprised to see Keith David, a great actor appear on the show. I hope we get to see him again.  My favorite part of this episode was where Harold meets Root in the delivery truck and finds Root's new boss knocked out.

Quote of the week: You've got miles to go before you sleep.

(I'm not a fan of poetry but I'm pretty sure the quote of the week is a reference to the poem 'Stopping by woods on a snowy evening' by Robert Frost)

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