Fresh Off the Boat Season 2 Finale Review

The regular season mostly came to an end for me last night, with only the exception of The Carmichael Show, and my reviewing of the regular season comes to an end with this finale of Fresh Off the Boat.

S2E24 "Bring the Pain"

At the start of the episode, Louis discovers that his brother is coming to town. Jessica tells Honey that Louis's brother once lent her two hundred dollars, and she has been unable to return the money to him, which is pretty funny. Meanwhile, Eddie tries to watch a Chris Rock special. Louis's brother arrives, and they get in a polite fight at the airport.

Jessica tries to pay when the family goes to a restaurant, and it is hilarious when she and Louis's brother each try to take the bill. Eventually, Louis's brother lets Jessica pay him back, and when she tells Louis about this, he reveals he has lent his brother a lot of money.

In flashback, it is revealed that Louis got to come to America because he stopped in the middle of a polite fight between he and his brother. In the middle of the night, Louis discovers that his brother has left and taken Grandma Huang to his wedding, which he has disinvited the family to, so they decide to go to Taiwan.

The polite fights were funny, but there were few funny moments aside from them. This was a good episode.

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