Upfront Week Live Stream - Sunday

Welcome to the Sunday live stream for Upfront Week! I apologize for missing out on some news, but for the first update, I will share my thoughts on NBC's schedule.

Update #1: Well NBC released their schedule. I don't think that was the best schedule to be honest. First, it puts Superstore against The Big Bang Theory. Second, Powerless is not on the schedule. Shades of Blue is on the Sunday night death slot, where American Odyssey went to die. But for all intents and purposes, let's discuss the schedule during this stream. 
Update #2: Grade for NBC schedule: D-
Update #3: The Carmichael Show was renewed. 
Update #4: Cruel Intentions was not picked up to series, but is either going to be redeveloped or negotiated for a summer order with a lower license fee. For shame.
Update #5: I'll ask a question in the comments.
Update #6: Apparently Emerald City's pilot leaked. You can find the comment and the link on the SpottedRatings NBC thread.
Update #7: The trailers for the new shows are available on YouTube and Facebook at their official pages. If you have seen the trailers for the new shows, what are your favorite ones?
Update #8: For the trailers of both Designated Survivor and Still Star Crossed, Designated Survivor had accumulated 715,000 views, while Still Star Crossed amassed 763,000 views.
Update #9: There are two versions of the This is Us trailer on Facebook. There is an explicit version and a clean version.
Update #10: Behold, a headline on Deadline about Upfronts.
What do you think? 
Update #11: I also found the cancelation bear's tweet about Laura's cancelation. 
This is going to be a long week. With still no news from CBS, it's time to call it a day. Tomorrow morning FOX's schedule will be out after 8am. I'll be awake by then, so I'll start a live stream tomorrow. 

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