The Top 5 Best Episodes of Undateable

Undateable survived a first season in the summer of 2014 and got The Voice as a lead-in for season 2, but its all-live third season didn't achieve the ratings NBC was hoping for. I have prepared this post  to celebrate the best episodes of Undateable, as I have decided that I will create a post about the top however many episodes of each show I watch when they finish, with the number of episodes I list being somewhat dependent on how many episodes there were of the show. Undateable aired 36 episodes over its three seasons, so I picked out 5 that stood out.

5. "Daddy Issues" (Season 1, Episode 10)

Written by: John Quaintance
Directed by: Ted Wass

The first season of Undateable seems so long ago, but the most memorable moment, by far, was Shelly's marijuana monologue in this episode. "Due to the stress of this job, I may or may not have smoked some marijuana and forgotten everyone's order, so feel free to line up in the kitchen and take whatever you want..." There was also the great moment when Danny argued like a woman, and the relationship between Danny and Justin is great in this episode. Danny goes to great lengths to help Justin, and that shows how he truly cares for Justin.

4. "A Box of Puppies Walks Into a Bar" (Season 3, Episode 9)

Written by: Joel Church-Cooper
Directed by: Phill Lewis

The show's only Christmas episode was perfect for the time of year, and a great episode in general. I loved the scene where they determined that Mo was not the father of the puppies due to both the anticipation and the exit of the others. Whitney Cummings makes an appearance as Charlotte, a character I really enjoyed, and I loved the end of the episode, where everyone shared their Christmas wishes, which were mostly funny, but there were a couple of serious ones.

3. "Danny's Boyz Walk Into a Bar" (Season 3, Episode 11)

Written by: Ryan Kemp
Directed by: Phill Lewis

This joke was filled with America-related jokes because Brett was planning on taking his citizenship test. These jokes included Danny playing State of the Union at the bar (and Justin's attempt to), and the fact that no one except Brett knew where Congress meets. There were more funny moments in the episode, such as Danny pretending to be a detective, the whole dance-off scene, and Shelley taking Danny's uniform. The episode also brought up how Burski isn't really cared about as much.

2. "The Backstreet Boys Walk Into a Bar, Part 1" (Season 3, Episode 12)

Written by: Matthew Hausfater
Directed by: Phill Lewis

The flashback-filled season  and series finale was great throughout the entire hour. The first half included a hilariously cute kid, Leslie and Brett loving on The Backstreet Boys, and Charlotte telling the hilarious story of her wedding. It was a great first half, and the second half got even better...

1. "The Backstreet Boys Walk Into a Bar, Part 2" (Season 3, Episode 13)

Written by: Adam Sztykiel
Directed by: Phill Lewis

The tension between Justin and Danny grows, and they have a hilarious fight where they end up forgetting what they are fighting about. As Justin prepares to move out, more funny things happen, including Danny fast-forwarding through a rant from Leslie. The final flashback of the episode is the funniest of all, and then Undateable ended with a reference back to the beginning when Danny called Justin "baby bird".

What were your favorite episodes of Undateable? Tell me what they were and why in the comments!

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