The Goldbergs S3E22 Review

The Goldbergs review is now back from hiatus. Well, at least for these last 3 episodes after which it is going back on hiatus again until September.

S3E22 "Smother's Day"

After watching the Joaquin Phoenix movie Space Camp, Adam decided to enrolled in NASA space camp to get the full astronaut experience. Unfortunately it was very expensive ( worth 500 cups of coffee), so Adam makes a video to try and convince Murray to send him. Not surprisingly, Murray says no because it was too expensive. Adam then tries to convince him by going on a gyroscope machine in the mall but ends up wetting his pants out of fear. But that still does not reduce his enthusiasm for space camp. Adam realises that to help him achieve his dream, he needs to help Murray remember that as a kid, he also used to have a dream. With Pops, Adam goes to meet Pop pop and finds out that Murray wanted to be a ventriloquist and he had a dummy which looked like him. Adam steals the dummy and tries to make Murray remember his dream but Murray just gets annoyed with Adam to the point where he breaks out his epic ventriloquist skills to shut him up about space camp. He tells him that unlike Pop pop, he wasn't a cruel dad who made Adam cry. Murray then goes back to his dad's house to give back the dummy and realises that his dad wasn't very supportive of him. Murray then buys Adam a plane ticket to go for space camp, which makes Adam grateful to Murray.

In Storyline B, Barry and Erica forget that it is mother's day so they make crappy coupons (like hugs and stuff) for Beverly as a present. Bevely calls them out on their sh*t and tells them that she's been hoarding the coupons they gave her over the years and that she decided to use them all right now. This went on for a few days until Barry and Erica got fed up and told Beverly they won't do anymore deeds for her. In retaliation, Beverly takes away all their stuff, her reasoning being that since they refused to give her the gift of love, she took away the gifts she gave them( I'm sure many of you have been in a similar situation, I know I have). To get their stuff back, they make a song to impress Beverly but she doesn't buy it, even stating that Erica reused the song she played which was originally meant for Murray. They then protest by wearing clothes out of garbage but that doesn't work either. Lainey tells them to just be nice to their mom so they decide to make breakfast for her but end up ruining the kitchen which makes Becmverly happy knowing that her children really do care about her.

I'm so glad my mother doesn't believe in mother's day. Knowing my mom, she would end up feeling depressed at my half hearted attempts at pleasing her on that day, just like Beverly. I know the kids are going through puberty( not in real life though, Barry and Erica are over 20) but that doesn't mean they can be jerks to their parents all the time. I'm glad Adam wasn't being so rude in this episode, otherwise this one would be in my bottom 10. I felt like Adams story was better than the other one, although I felt a lot of deja vu during it.

Quote of the week: "You've always been like this? I thought life broke you down"

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