ABC Trailer Reviews

ABC's new shows don't look great overall, but here's an individual review on each of them based on their trailers:


1. American Housewife: The show has 2 great lead actors but the pilot didn't seem very funny. I'm still not exactly sure what the premise of the show is as well

2. Imaginary Mary: As much as I would like to see Jenna Elfman succeed, something tells me her bad luck will rub off on this show. While some of the jokes were funny, I wasn't impressed with the imaginary friend, who looks kinda creepy. Why couldn't Mary have a cute design like Blooregard Q. Kazoo?

3. Downward Dog: The Showtime sitcom Episodes constantly references an unnamed talking dog show. Looks like ABC decided to make the show a reality. It's so nice to see Allison Tolman back on TV ( I loved her on Fargo). The trailer didn't have many jokes, but it was rather sweet. I'm not a dog person, but I'd be willing to check this out.

4. Speechless: Something tells me this will be the next big hit for ABC.


1. Still Star crossed: The trailer had cliché written all over it.

2. Conviction: It has a good premise and cast and I might actually enjoy it, but the trailer still felt very Shonda-ish.

3. Notorious: It also has a Shonda vibe, but I found the concept rather interesting. I just hope it's not a procedural

4. Time after Time: Like I said before, I'm a big fan of time travel. I also like the lead, who was great on Unreal season 1 (even if he was kind of a jerk).

5. Designated survivor: Jack Bauer? Nikita? Kumar?! Count me in!!!

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