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Shelley Long makes an appearance in this week's episode, as the family heads to her wedding.

S7E21 "Crazy Train"

The family is on a train to Portland to go to Dede's wedding. Phil and Cam get to read a chapter from their favorite author, but they end up finding a flaw that makes his book not work out. Jay is excited that Dede is getting remarried, but the son of the man she is going to marry overhears him talking about how crazy she is.

Haley convinces Alex to go talk to the guy she met. Jay hilariously ends up saying that he doesn't know who Gloria is while he tries to convince the son not to call his dad. Haley continues to mess everything up, which is funny, Claire helps Mitch realize how terrible Dede is, and Alex has a great time in coach.

Phil and Cam figure out a way that the book could work out, which is hilarious. Luke thinks he's going to have sex, but it turns out the woman is a geography teacher, which is hilarious. Jay, Claire, and Mitch warn Dede after they hear that her fiancé burned down his ex's house, and her logic is hilarious.

If there is one thing that Modern Family does best, it is episodes set in one location. That was seen earlier this season with "White Christmas", and again with this great episode.

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