The Goldbergs Season 3 Finale Review

The Goldbergs season 3 goes out with more than a bang, one more subtle than the other

S3E24 'Have A Summer'

It's the end of the school year and Adam and his friends are afraid of the annual hazing by the seniors(a cruel form of torture where the victim is thrown into a cold and dirty shower). Adam goes to seek protection from his mother but Barry makes her realise that Adam is a grown man, just so he could haze Adam in peace while at the same time shocking Beverly into trying to calm herself by sniffing an old baby blanket in the closet. Later at school, Adam and his friends get cornered NY Barry and the other seniors. His friends get captured and sent to the showers but out of fear, Adam grabs Barry and throws him onto the ground. This action makes Adam look cool but simultaneously ruining Barry's reputation. Barry gets angry at Adam and tells Adam he wanted to gaze him because only the cool kids get hazed and since Barry never got hazed, he wanted Adam to at least get what he never got.
In response to this, Adam helps Barry make a plan to fix everything. At the 8th grade graduation ceremony, Barry turns on the sprinklers to spray all the kids including Adam, thereby succeeding in undoing the damage done earlier

Meanwhile, After Murray convinced Beverly to get rid of the baby blanket, she realises that she needs it back, but by that time Erica had already gotten rid of it by putting it in a time capsule buried on the school lawn. Erica and Beverly go to the school and secretly try to dig up the capsule to retrieve the blanket, but are interrupted by Jeff, who doesn't want Erica to find his recorded confession of love which he had placed in the capsule. He agrees to help them to open the capsule but accidently hits a water pipe, leading to a torrent of water falling on them. The principal yells at them all and tells them the only thing which wasn't damaged in the capsule was Jeff's recording, which he gives to Erica and suspends them all for the day, even Beverly.
After listening to the tape at home, Erica initially laughs at the thought of Jeff liking her, but after talking to Lainey and Barry, she realises that she likes him back. She goes to ask him out but by then he started going out with the girl who organised the time capsule, thus providing the setup for a new chapter in Erica's story.

While this wasn't the best finale I've seen, this was still a really good one. We got to have another Adam&Barry moment plus Erica finally realised how good Jeff is. I've always been a fan of the underdog so I'd they hook up together next season. I only hope their love story doesn't overshadow the other elements of the show, which could ruin the overall viewing experience. Lastly, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who noticed that Jeff was dirty in one scene, clean in the next, and back to being dirty afterwards.

Quote of the week: "Shhhhhhh. That's the sound the shower makes" 

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