Fresh Off the Boat S2E21 Review

The Tracking Board
The house that Jessica, Honey, and Grandma Huang have flipped is ready to be sold.

S2E21 "Rent Day"

Jessica discovers that in the current market, renting is where the money is at, so she decides to rent out the house that they flipped. Eddie wants a watch, so Louis makes him take care of his watch for a week. Jessica rents out the house, but then the check bounces.

Jessica tries to help the renters manage their money so they can pay her, which is hilarious. However, when they study law again, they remember that they have rights and can't be kicked out. Eddie loses the watch, but Louis took the watch and lost it, so they each go to Evan and Emory.

Jessica puts together a hilarious plan to get the renters out, and it was especially great when she was convinced that the cat was formulating a plan. It is discovered that Grandma Huang took the watch because she saw it lying around, which was a great twist. Jessica solves the house situation, and then convinces Honey and Grandma Huang to re-invest, which is pretty funny.

This was a great episode. The stories were planned out well, and there were many funny moments.

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