Upfront Week Live Stream - Wednesday

Today, we find out about CBS.

Update #1: Still waiting on Limitless. 
Update #2: The schedule will be out in approximately 10 minutes. Stay tuned for more updates.
Update #3: It's Day 5 of Limitless Held Hostage. Now it's getting close to Rules of Engagement style overtime.
Update #4: CBS Schedule
This is horrible. Makes NBC look like a shining star compared to this. Limitless and The Amazing Race has been benched. Grade - F
Update #5: Limitless officially canceled at CBS. 
Update #6: CBS schedule is getting a more negative reception than FOX's. 
Update #7: Limitless's cancelation reminds me of Almost Human and Forever. 
Update #8: It's going to be the battle of the schedules come fall. ABC had polarizing opinions on the schedule because of The Middle's move to Tuesdays, while CBS had somewhat more positive reception for the schedule.
Update #9: A new Jess's Take is coming up soon. I'm writing the draft as we speak.
Update #10: Jess's Take is now live. A Renew/Cancel Watch Wrap will be available later, and trailers will be available for release. 
Update #11: CBS trailers are out! But it's only for US viewers, sadly. You can find region free trailers on SpoilerTV.
Update #12: Well, looks like FOX is doing some reality cancelations. So long 5th Grader and Boom!. You got your #DateWithTheReaper! ::swing:: ::thwack:: #showsclaimed
Update #13: I got to end this live stream folks! I will try to push the OT thread to the top again. See you tomorrow morning bright and early when the CW releases its schedule for all to see! 

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