The Best Episode of The Family

Despite having some stylistic similarities to the popular TGIT block, The Family did not attract a large enough audience, and was canceled recently. It then concluded its run two weeks ago. I have prepared this post to celebrate the best episode of The Family, as I have decided that I will create a post about the top however many episodes of each show I watch (even the ones I don't review) when they finish, with the number of episodes I list being somewhat dependent on how many episodes there were of the show. The Family aired 12 episodes, so I picked out 1 that stood out.

"All the Livelong Day" (Season 1, Episode 7)

Written by: Elizabeth Craft & Sarah Fain
Directed by: Paul McGuigan

The Family is a show that has always taken place in many different times, mostly the present and ten years earlier, though sometimes in between. This flashback episode showed some of that time in between, and it was incredibly interesting. It explores life in the bunker, Willa's plan, and Hank's life in prison. All three parts are very well done and interesting. This is where Hank's character started to get very interesting, and he would eventually become the best character on the show, the one you really feel for. Also, this episode marked a transition past the mystery of is this kid Adam, and moved on to get even more interesting.

What was your favorite episode(s) of The Family? Tell me what and why in the comments!

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