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The season of Mom is almost over, this is its penultimate episode.

S3E21 "Mahjong Sally and the Ecstasy"

At the start of the episode, Bonnie shares about how sad she is that her boyfriend is gone. This is hilarious due to her obsession with the pastry she is eating. Christy is happy, because she got accepted into a university, and Violet is getting married in a few weeks. Bonnie hilariously continues to eat her feelings, and tells Christy that fries aren't for happy people. Violet tells Christy that Gregory broke up with her, so Bonnie lets Christy have a fry.

Christy and Bonnie take Violet's things from Gregory's apartment, which gets funny when they get carried away. They run into Gregory's mother, who says that they broke up because Violet was drinking and doing drugs too much. Christy talks to Violet about this, and she gets angry because Christy doesn't trust her. It feels just like season 1, you know, when Violet was actually on the show regularly.

Christy and Bonnie talk to the group, and Marjorie tells Christy that Violet has to determine herself if she has a problem. Marjorie says that at least she has Christy to go to, and Bonnie asks what about her, which is really funny. Christy and Bonnie go to get Violet after she shows up at Gregory's drunk. Christy talks to Gregory's mom, and they have a connection. It is really funny when Christy asks if they can be friends, and Gregory's mom says "you really need a mom, don't you?"

This was a great episode. It was great to have Violet back in this way.

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