Pre-Upfront Live Stream - Saturday

Well folks, this is the Saturday live stream for preupfronts. Let's get on with the action.

Update #1: Looks like CBS avoided the Reaper's scythe and the Cancelation Bear's stomach with information security. On NBC, still no news about The Mysteries of Laura and The Carmichael Show. Hopefully Nellie is wrong about Limitless's cancelation.
Update #2: Blacklist spinoff ordered. Titled Blacklist: Redemption.
Update #3: Things are not looking good for Cruel Intentions.
Update #4: According to RJK from SpottedRatings, we got CBS news coming soon. Stay tuned.
Update #5: No cancelation/renewal news yet. My guess is it's going to be a pickup.
Update #6: Doubt has been ordered to series at CBS.
Update #7: Deadline's Master of Inaccuracies Nellie speculates that Drew is in contention. Honestly, I think that Drew may be done. But I don't know for sure.
Update #8: Apparently Cruel Intentions may be either ordered or redeveloped. Yesterday I got news that the untitled Kevin Williamson paranormal drama is going to be redeveloped at the CW.
Update #9: Julie Plec is apparently bitter about Containment's cancelation. Behold, I took a screen shot of some tweets. 
Update #10: Later pickups are apparently for midseason.
Update #11: Facebook likes for new shows.
Chicago Justice 14.9k
Designated Survivor 3.3k
Still Star-Crossed 2.2k
Powerless 1.0k
Update #12: My guess is still no news. Later today we'll probably have more. But Julie Plec though. I guess the CW of 2011 is dead.
Update #13: Could be an interesting turn of events after Undateable's cancelation on NBC. Another network move? 
Update #14: With word on Twitter that Undateable is shopping for a new home, there is still no news about the fates of the CBS shows, The Carmichael Show, and The Mysteries of Laura. Yet, here's a Grim Reaper and a Cancel Bear tweet.

Folks, come up with situations that Undateable, if it ends up on the CW where it could pair up with another comedy. I have a situation where it pairs up with MadTV on Fridays.
Update #15: I found an interesting read about ads from Variety. Could there be fewer ads? My thoughts on my next Jess's Take installment. TV Upfront: What You Need to Know About 2016’s Ad Haggle
Anyways, this is the second article related to advertisers.
Update #16: Cruel Intentions is still in contention, but not for fall, according to Entertainment Weekly. Could this be midseason, or dumped to summer?
Update #17: The Mysteries of Laura has been canceled by NBC. WB owned shows not on the CW canceled this season now at 4.
Update #18: Drew has been passed on by CBS. Meanwhile, talks are still going on at NBC about the fate of The Carmichael Show. Hunter has caught this before me. As expected, it may be because there was no space for it.
Update #19: At this point, it could come down to a game of chance with the CBS shows. Here are some outcomes.
  • Code Black and CM:BB renewed, Limitless canceled
  • CM:BB renewed, Code Black and Limitless canceled
  • CM:BB canceled, Code Black and Limitless renewed
  • Code Black canceled, CM:BB and Limitless renewed
  • Code Black and CM:BB canceled, Limitless renewed
  • Code Black renewed, CM:BB and Limitless canceled
  • Code Black, CM:BB, and Limitless canceled
  • Code Black, CM:BB, and Limitless renewed
Update #20: The Mysteries of Laura is trending on Twitter. Also, the cancelation article on TVBTN has over 500 comments. 
Update #21: Queen Laura is now Queen Alex on TVBTN. However, still no news on renewal or cancelation fates. Not even pilots.
Update #22: The Carmichael Show is reported to be in danger of cancelation at NBC according to Deadline. Don't anger us again, Nellie!
Update #23: With The Carmichael Show in limbo, I think we're done for the day, as far as the live stream goes. Not as much news for today, but for tomorrow, the schedule for NBC will be known. Stay tuned to the TV Ratings Guide for more upfronts coverage!

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