Person of Interest S5E5 Review

Even thought Shotseeker already exists, I still think it has a cooler name than its real life counterpart, Shotspotter.

S5E5 'Shotseeker'

Reese has to work with a new number named Ethan Garvin who is a sound analyst for Shotseeker, a program which identifies bullet shot sounds and alerts the police. Along with Garvin, Reese investigates the disappearance of Krupa Nayar, a chemist who went missing 3 days prior after gunshots were heard from her home yet the Shotseeker identified it as a false alarm.
They later find out that Krupa had invented a new and innovative way to preserve food for years and she had refused an offer from a huge corporation for the idea, instead giving it to an NGO. But all that is irrelevant since it is revealed that Samaritan is behind her disappearance. Samaritan sends some operatives after Reese and Garvin but with Fusco's help, they are stopped and with the help of Root, they find a copy of Krupa's research and upload it onto the Internet.

Concurrently, Elias' old friend Brian keeps asking Reese about Elias but Reese tells him to buzz off. He then kidnaps Reese and tries to interrogate him but Reese beats all of his men and takes him to Elias, who is revealed to be alive.

Meanwhile, Harold creates a mini clone of the machine and makes it fight with the mini clone of Samaritan they got in S5E3.
Both AIs create different simulations against each other, but Samaritan wins in each one, leaving Harold with a sense of hopelessness.

Being the final season and all, I wasn't expecting a return of the underworld as I was under the impression that the mob bosses were killed off to put more focus on the Samaritan fight. But I'm glad Elias is alive. I always liked him, even before I got around to watching Veronica Mars. This episode didn't accomplish much but it did give us 2 important things:
1. It made us realise that Samaritan appears to have some specific plan in mind
2. It made Fusco more determined to find out what is going on

These are what I'm sure will make the rest of the season worth watching. Overall, I think the episode wasn't as good as the previous one, but still worth a watch.

Quote of the week: "How adorably ruthless and elaborate"

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