The 100 S3E15 Review

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As with past seasons, The 100 ends with a two part finale, in which a lot happens. This is part one!

S3E15 "Perverse Instantiation - Part One"

Clarke disagrees with Octavia and Bellamy about what to do next. Clarke wants to look for another nightblood, but the others don't. Clarke goes into the woods alone, and is almost attacked by a person controlled by ALIE, but is saved by Roan. Bellamy and Clarke take him prisoner to get him on board with their new plan, putting the flame in Ontari. At Arkadia, everyone prepares for their next step, and it is revealed that someone there is one of ALIE's people.

Clarke decides to go with Roan into Polis, and she will pretend to be his prisoner. Jasper and Monty talk, and Jasper tells Monty he is done blaming people for Mount Weather. It turns out that Jasper is the one who is controlled by ALIE. This makes Monty and Raven realize that the others are walking into a trap, and they can't contact them.

Roan and Clarke's plan fails. Clarke is taken, and Roan is killed by Kane. Jasper talks to Monty, and tries to convince him to take the key. Clarke is reunited with Abby. When she refuses to say the passphrase, Abby tortures her. Abby then mentions that Clarke's friends are her weakness, and decides to start with Bellamy. However, Murphy, Indra, and Pike rescue the team.

Bellamy and Murphy go up the tower. Octavia doesn't understand how Indra could let Pike live. An attack comes. While Kane is defeated, what he sees alerts the others, and everyone ends up fighting, but trying not to kill. One person ends up on the elevator with Bellamy and Murphy, and Bellamy has to shoot him. At Arkadia, Jasper lists all of the people who have died from the 100, and how they died. Jasper threatens to kill Harper.

Abby puts a noose around her neck to convince Clarke to tell her the passphrase. She refuses, so Abby hangs herself. Indra rescues Kane when he ends up in danger, and Bellamy and Murphy plan an attack in the elevator. Jaha attempts to kill Ontari, but causes her to become brain dead, which is quite ironic. Clarke, Bellamy, and Murphy are now trapped in the tower.

This was an hour that perfectly escalated situations and set up problems. The only issues were the parts I totally saw coming in the Jasper storyline. But it was still a great episode.

What did you think of "Perverse Instantiation - Part One"? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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