Person of Interest S5E7 Review

Random fun fact: Scott Adsit, who played Max the POI in this episode also voiced Baymax in Big Hero 6

S5E7 'QSO'

After getting frustrated with the machine about Shaw, the Machine sends Root to a radio station to work as a producer for Max, a conspiracy theorist radio host who has been provided Samaritan's mode of communication by one of his regular callers. While being attacked by Samaritan operatives in the building, Root realises that the Machine sent her to the station to send a message to Shaw. Root leaves Max to John and sends the message to Shaw, letting her know they haven't lost hope. Afterwards, Root and John try to get Max to safety, but he declines since he wants the world to know about Samaritan, which ultimately leads to his demise as he is poisoned by his own assistant who is revealed to be a Samaritan agent.

I don't know why, but I didn't really enjoy this episode. It just wasn't very entertaining and it didn't do much in developing the story except for Fusco quitting the team and the message for Shaw. The only good part of this episode was Root who was just being herself.

Quote of the week: 'Did you say 'Being'?"

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