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Axl and Sue have come home from college.

S7E23 "Find My Hecks"

Axl and Sue are home from college, and they have left all of their stuff in the doorway of the house, which results in some hilarious jokes, such as when Axl says that Frankie can get in the house through the chimney. Axl and Sue go to a party, and Frankie and Mike are mad when they come home late. Meanwhile, Brick discovers that the other person in the running for valedictorian is Cindy.

Axl and Sue go to another party, and Frankie tracks where they are. Mike decides to try using this later to get Axl to get him a taco, which is really funny, but doesn't work. Sue convinces Brick to not just let Cindy win, but things get more complex when Cindy tells Brick she loves him.

Brick talks to Axl, and their conversation is hilarious. Axl tells Brick he needs to get into Cindy's head. However, Cindy ends up distracting Brick by showing him her ears, which is hilarious. But he still ends up doing better. Mike almost ends up revealing that he has been watching where Axl and Sue are going. A problem arises when Sue's dot is showing that she is in a ditch.

Axl and Sue get home and discover that Frankie and Mike aren't home. Frankie, Mike, Sue, and Axl all meet in the ditch, and they all decide to get rid of the app off all of their phones. It is really funny when Mike says he's going to get the apps off the phones, and then he has to ask Axl to. Cindy ends up scoring higher on the test due to an extra credit question Brick didn't see, which involved writing three sentences about any book you've ever read.

While some parts of the episode were predictable, it was still entertaining. This was a really good episode.

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