Person of Interest S5E8 Review

As far as I could tell, this episode was basically POI mixed with Greys Anatomy and Prison Break

S5E8 'Reassortment'

The episode starts with Reese following James Ko, an Asian businessman who had recently come to America and visits the hospital because he was feeling sick. Reese doesn't believe the guy is in danger but that changes once Ko dies after being given an immunity shot. After checking on his blood, it is revealed that Ko had contracted Avian Influenza and to make matters worse, the shot he was given contained the flu which when combined with his special Avian flu strain led to the creation of a super flu which would spread across the hospital.

Meanwhile, Fusco goes to Elias to learn more about the tunnel deaths. After telling Elias about the death of Bruce Moran, Elias leads Fusco to Jeff Blackwell, the Samaritan agent who broke into Krupa's house. At the same time, Jeff is doubting his work for Samaritan, so his handler gives him an assignment within the hospital where he must take out two employees who were complaining about the hospital's online system

Leaving Root in the Subway, Harold takes bear to the hospital to help Reese calm down the crowd and assist him in any way possible. Root helps Harold realise that the Avian flu strain Ko had was specifically given to him by Samaritan and the entire outbreak was its doing. Along with the hospital administrator, Harold goes to a storage room to get some Avian flu vaccines but the administrator destroys them, revealing himself to be a Samaritan plant but with the help of Bear, Harold takes him out.

Reese handles crowd control but must also handle Jeff who has attacked one of his targets. Fusco shows up and fights with Jeff but he escapes. Root then shows up with the flu vaccines which the machine helped her to "acquire" from a nearby lab.

 In the end, Jeff meets with his handler who reveals to him that his mission was a success despite failing to attack his second target. His handler reveals that Jeff was fine because he was naturally immune to Avian flu and that Samaritan's goal was to scare people into getting health check ups where their biodata would be given to Samaritan who plans to use the data to "sort" the human race.

While all this was happening, Shaw finally escapes her prison and ends up in a prison cell in Johannesburg. With the help of an inmate, Shaw escapes to the outside world to find the gang (and no, this is not another simulation)

I found this episode to be better than the previous one. I found the episode to be rather thrilling. We finally got to see Shaw escape in an epic manner. I was impressed with how they handled Jeff's story. Had the shoe received a season 6, I could see him betray Samaritan and join Team Machine, but for now I'm curious to see where his story goes from here. While I don't believe in the existence of this super flu, it did make for some great storytelling. Lastly, am I the only one who thinks Root looks sexy with glasses?

Quote of the week: "It's always the quite ones we need to be afraid of"

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