Renew/Cancel Wrap-Up: How Did We Do vs The Competition?

I've been keeping a running tally of ALL the renew/cancel predictions for five sites: TV By The Numbers, TV Grim Reaper, TV Ratings Guide, TV Watch Us, and TV Line. The other four sites only do scripted predictions, so only scripted predictions were counted in this "competition" of sorts.

The scoring was as follows: 2 points for a correct prediction, 1 point if the show was marked as on the bubble when its fate was revealed,  and 0 points for an incorrect prediction.

The Standings
1) The TV Ratings Guide: 82 correct predictions + 11 incorrect predictions + 3 pushes = 167 points
2) TV Grim Reaper: 78 correct predictions + 9 incorrect predictions + 9 pushes = 165 points
3) TV Watch Us: 78 correct predictions + 10 incorrect predictions + 8 pushes = 164 points
4) TV by the Numbers: 75 correct predictions + 10 incorrect predictions + 11 pushes = 161 points
5) TV Line: 62 correct predictions + 6 incorrect predictions + 28 pushes = 152 points

You read right: we had more correct predictions than any other site tallied! After a slow start for TV Grim Reaper, correct predictions for The Mysteries of Laura and Sleepy Hollow helped push him to the #2 spot in the eleventh hour. As you can tell, it was a very tight battle, but The TV Ratings Guide came out on top. Now for some of the most notable decisions of the season:

-Where to begin with about the fact that all 5 sites missed the cancelation of both Castle AND Nashville. While low rated, we were all certainly taken aback by that, but expect the unexpected when there's new management in town.
-The Catch and The Real O'Neals were also decisive shows; only TV Watch Us correctly predicted that The Catch would be renewed, while us and TV Watch Us both missed The Real O'Neals. The general consensus was that ABC was the hardest network to predict; harder than normal, for sure.

-Along with Castle and Nashville, nobody correctly predicted the cancelation of Limitless and the renewal of Code Black. Other than those two shockers, we had a perfect record for CBS. We were the only site to correctly predict Angel from Hell's cancelation, and the only site to have not left any CBS shows on the bubble.

-Bones got renewed for a short final season, but not everyone thought that way; only TV Line gained a correct prediction, while everyone else was either a miss or a push. This was one of only two misses for The TV Ratings Guide for FOX.
-Nobody expected Bob's Burgers to get a two season renewal after airing only one episode this season, which probably explains why ALL 5 sites had the show on the bubble.
-Scream Queens was another one where sites weren't really sure what to predict; TV Line correctly predicted its renewal, everyone else had it on the bubble when it got an early renewal at the winter TCA
-Sleepy Hollow was another decisive one for the sites, with TV Grim Reaper correctly predicting its renewal, TV Line having it on the bubble, and the rest of us gained an unfortunate incorrect prediction

-Not much to comment about NBC. We made some key gains by correctly predicting the fates of Heroes: Reborn and Shades of Blue while some other shows still had them on the bubble. Low-rated but critically-loved Carmichael Show was a correct prediction for everyone. The only decisiveness was on The Mysteries of Laura. It gave The TV Ratings Guide our only NBC miss of the season, with no shows pushed.

The CW
-There wasn't much decisiveness about The CW except for the renewal of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, where every site except TV Line saw their first straight-up incorrect prediction of the season.

Proud to say that we, as a first-time renewal/cancelation prediction site, beat the competition in correct predictions. We were by and large unafraid to move shows off the bubble as soon as we could, and it resulted in significantly less pushes than all the other sites. When you're brave enough to do so, you're bound to miss some, and not playing safe payed off. We're not famous (or infamous) in our niche, but that doesn't mean we're worse than the others at this.

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