Modern Family Season 7 Finale Review

The first season of Modern Family to be only 22 episodes ends tonight, and it has significantly improved since its fall episodes.

S7E22 "Double Click"

At the start of the episode, Phil thinks he sees Luke in bed with a girl. Cam is going back to Missouri for the summer, so he and Mitch try to come to an agreement. Jay hilariously can't figure out technology, and Claire worries about firing someone after they beat her high score on a game. Haley overhears a conversation and discovers that Andy isn't taking the job because of her.

Jay tries to use the copy machine, and it is hilarious that he can't figure it out. Claire beats the high score so that she can fire the guy, but Haley ends up unplugging the game when she trips over the cord looking for Claire. It is funny when Alex is upset that no one had remembered that she was coming home.

Phil discovers that Luke got dumped, and he is sad because family camp is canceled. Mitch and Lily discover that Cam was thinking about them all day, so they go to Missouri with him. Jay helps Claire realize she has to fire the guy, and Haley has to say goodbye to Andy when he goes to Utah in a cleverly written scene. The Dunphy family creates their own family camp, and it is hilarious when a phone gets stolen in New York.

This was a great episode that cleverly worked out well.

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