Mom Season 3 Finale Review

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The season of Mom, which I believe to be the best comedy on TV, has come to an end.

S3E22 "Atticus Finch and the Downtrodden"

Christy can't stop crying at a meeting because she's worried about paying for college and law school. Bonnie is annoyed by this, and she gets everyone to clap to put Christy out of her misery, which is really funny.

Marjorie gets Christy to stop crying when she talks to her logically about paying for college, but gets her crying again when she mentions money that had been set aside, which was spent on the wedding dress. Bonnie sells the dress, and this creates a hilarious joke where she says Christy should take a business class. Christy gives a speech for a scholarship, and it is hilarious when she says she has a mentally challenged mother.

Bonnie reveals to the group she has even more money from selling the dress, and she offers to sell things of the others'. Bonnie tells Violet to get a job, and it is really funny how Christy loves her for this. Violet ends up getting a job at Lake Tahoe as a blackjack dealer, and Bonnie lets her realize for herself that it's a terrible idea. There is also a recurring joke about Marjorie's sayings giving them a pain behind their eyes.

This was a really good episode. Some of it was a little bit too over the top, but it was funny.

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