The 100 Season 3 Finale Review

It has come! The end of The 100 season 3 is here!

S3E16 "Perverse Instantiation, Part Two"

Abby wakes up, and reunites with Clarke. Clarke reveals her plan to the group. Monty rescues Harper from Jasper. Abby performs the blood transfusion on Clarke, and she discovers that the way to defeat ALIE is to take the chip and find the kill switch in the City of Light. The City of Light is like a modern-day city. Clarke sees Jasper, but he cannot see her. As the first wave of climbers enter, Octavia cuts Pike. This allows them to get onto the floor.

Suddenly, everyone notices Clarke in the City of Light. Clarke starts to get weak when Ontari starts crashing, and everyone who is chasing after her gets to her. Lexa ends up saving her, however. It turns to night in the City of Light, and Abby ends up needing to pump Ontari's heart in order to get blood going to Clarke. Clarke discovers that they have ten minutes to find the kill switch. Pike comes up with a plan to stop the group from getting to Clarke.

Jasper tells Clarke that ALIE is protecting humans from themselves. She seems to be trapped, but Raven helps her by giving her a way out. The section that Clarke enters looks like the Ark, and she meets Becca there, who leads her to the kill switch. But, ALIE tells her that the City of Light is the only thing that can save humanity, as the Earth will soon be mostly uninhabitable.

Becca and ALIE each try to influence Clarke, while mass fighting occurs in front of the physical Clarke. She pulls the lever, and they all feel pain again. Clarke now has six months to save humanity. Bellamy wonders why Clarke isn't excited, and she tells him that they haven't saved the world yet. Now that this war is over, Octavia kills Pike.

Despite the large amount of talk of and showing blood transfusions, which I really hate, it was a great episode. I can't hold my personal feelings about blood against the show, which provided an interesting finale with great conflict.

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