Jess's Take: C3 Numbers, ABC Bloodbath, Deadline, and the CW

Hey folks, this is Jessica, and this is another installment of Jess's Take. A lot has happened over the past couple of days, and now I have some choice words about the events that ensued.

C3 and C7 Numbers: What the Networks Don't Want You to See
Yesterday during the live stream I shared an article from AdAge about the C3 and C7 numbers for select shows.

To sum it up, in commercial ratings, C3 and C7 numbers largely prefer television's strongest performers in Live + SD ratings.

On FOX, Empire saw one of the biggest gains in C3 and C7 numbers, improving 24% from a 4.6 in one airing to a 5.7 when converting from Live + SD to C3. In C7, that jumps to a 6.0 in A18-49. Another big gainer of C3, The X-Files sees a growth to a 3.6 in the currency. The low rated outlier, Scream Queens was renewed with strong commercial numbers as well as Video on Demand numbers.

ABC sees some modest gains as well. On the CW, Supernatural grows 29% from a 0.7 to a 0.9 in C3 numbers. To sum it all up, C3 and C7 numbers are the numbers that advertisers want, but don't expect networks to release them. At your convenience, I have included a link to the article.

ABC Bloodbath Includes Castle and Nashville
On Thursday, ABC has canceled 6 shows, including syndication money makers Castle and Nashville. Bloodbath is sure to be the word. I thought Channing Dungey was right in canceling pretty much all of them, but pissing off Nashville fans may not be the way to go since that show is going to end in a major cliffhanger that will be even more painful. Here's the lesson that showrunners need to learn. Take the CW's approach to handling low to middling performers and give the shows a proper conclusion that will satisfy streaming and syndication networks.

The only show I thought got an undeserved renewal on the network was The Catch, but it's obvious that Shonda Rhimes has the power. The Real O'Neals could be argued as another one, but in season one, The Goldbergs got marginal ratings. Look at it now, it's one of the top rated ABC comedies since its move to Wednesdays. Modern Family could be on its way out, and we could be seeing the same thing happen to The Real O'Neals.

Supergirl's Move to the CW
Along with the series orders of Riverdale, No Tomorrow, and Frequency, it was announced that Supergirl will be moving to the CW starting with its second season from CBS. I have no words for this move, but I think that is a risky move. I wonder what the schedule would look like once Thursday rolls around.

Deadline: Inaccuracy City
First of all, I'm really upset with how Deadline handled their Bubble Watch articles. Especially with Nellie. She was the one who incorrectly predicted the renewals of Castle and Nashville, when they were actually canceled. Now she is upsetting Limitless fans by predicting a cancelation, which is rather premature due to the fact that this will be this season's Forever and Almost Human. Because of what happened, she deserves to be fired. But I won't say anything else. I don't feel like I should dedicate an entire article to its inaccurate reporting this season for upfronts.

The opinions expressed in Jess's Take do not necessarily reflect the opinions of The TV Ratings Guide as a whole.

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