The Middle Season 7 Finale Review

The Middle has continued on for seven years now, and all of the kids have really grown since the show began in the fall of 2009.

S7E24 "The Show Must Go On"

At the start of the episode, Frankie has forgotten about Brick's graduation, which is really funny. Sue, however, discovers that she has to be at Dollywood on Saturday, not Sunday. Brick was planning on singing at the graduation, but too many kids signed up, so they chose only some of them, and Brick wasn't chosen. Frankie gets hilariously worked up over this.

Brick and Frankie decide that Sue has to go to the graduation. Mike doesn't make a big deal of the performing issue, so Frankie sends an email, which results in the school deciding to not let any of the kids perform. Meanwhile, Axl meets his match when he takes a job as a counselor, and the kid is just like him.

Brad calls Dollywood to get the situation sorted out, and Frankie gets angry when the original nine kids are allowed to perform again. Frankie gets the school to let all of the kids perform, which is hilarious, and it gets even funnier when Brick says that he doesn't want to perform anymore. The family ends up all going to Dollywood, all for different reasons.

The episode was great, and ended with a great cliffhanger, Axl meeting the love of his life. Other than the cliffhanger, it really felt like a series finale, but I think that's because the show may be only a couple of years away from ending.

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