Person of Interest S5E6 Review

This show has always been strange but I never expected a wedding episode, let alone a hilarious one.

S5E6 'A More Perfect Union'

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Harold and Reese go to attend a wedding which may be disrupted.The wedding is between a public defender and the heiress of a big horse racing empire whose father is accused of doping horses. They initially believe the happy couple are the targets of assassination by animal protestors but it is later revealed to be the wedding photographer who had taken a photo of the bride's sister doping a horse. With the help of Root, they manage to save the photographer and stop the bride's sister and her assassins.

Meanwhile, Fusco is put on dogsitting duty with Bear and investigates a string of missing persons including Krupa Nayak from the last episode. His investigation leads him to a tunnel hiding the missing people's bodies including Moran, Elias's friend. But Fusco then gets trapped in the crumbling tunnel, setting up his position in the next episode.

Lastly, Shaw is taken on a ride with Greer where he tries to convince her if the benefits of Samaritan. At the end of the ride, Shaw is introduced to that little kid from Pete's dragon, who is the physical representative. The boy states that Samaritan is important and to prove it he blows up the world, soon revealing that everything Shaw went through was another damn simulation.

This must be one of the funniest episodes yet. Who knew Harold could sing? But seriously, I felt like Shaw and Fusco had better stories than the main gang, but the wedding part had many jokes I enjoyed. Some people might have been annoyed by the thought of another simulation episode, but not me. I was impressed with how they pulled one over me, especially after having another simulation 2 episodes ago. While Season 5 doesn't have that whole 'final frontier's vibe, it's been great so far. I look forward to the second half of this final act.

Quote of the week: "Given Uncle Ralph's penchant for whiskey, I'm surprised he's allowed to drive"

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