Summer Renew/Cancel Week 6: When Nature Calls, Hang Up; CBS Summer Staples Look Safe

Lots of shows have premiered since of last Summer Renew/Cancel update two weeks ago, and that means I have a lot to predict! Keep reading for my initial placements for NBC's Making It, ABC's When Nature Calls, and CBS veterans Big Brother and Love Island.

Certain to be Canceled:

Likely to be Canceled:
Card Sharks (0.4*)
Emergency Call (0.4*)
Mental Samurai (0.3)
Small Fortune (0.3)

Leans Cancellation:
When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren (0.4)

Leans Renewal:
Capital One College Bowl (0.4)
The Celebrity Dating Game (0.5)
Crime Scene Kitchen (0.5)
HouseBroken (0.3)
The Hustler (0.3)
Kids Say the Darndest Things (0.4)
LEGO Masters (0.5)
Making It (0.3)
The Republic of Sarah (0.1)

Likely to be Renewed:
The $100,000 Pyramid (0.5)
Beat Shazam (0.5)
Love Island (0.4)
Press Your Luck (0.5)

Certain to be Renewed:
America's Got Talent (0.9)
American Ninja Warrior (0.5)
Big Brother (1.0)
Celebrity Family Feud (0.7)
The Chase (0.6)
Hell's Kitchen (0.6)
MasterChef (0.6)
To Tell the Truth (0.4)

Fate Determined:
The Bachelorette (Renewed)
Burden of Truth (Final Season)
Duncanville (Renewed)
Dynasty (Renewed)
Good Girls (Canceled)
Holey Moley (Renewed)
In the Dark (Renewed)
Legends of Tomorrow (Renewed)
Riverdale (Renewed)
Roswell, New Mexico (Renewed)
Stargirl (Renewed)
Supergirl (Final Season)

Yet to Premiere:
Bachelor in Paradise
Dead Pixels
Fantasy Island
Family Game Fight!
The Outpost
Ultimate Slip 'n Slide
The Ultimate Surfer
Wellington Paranormal

Making It: I don't think anyone quite understands how this show is still on the air, but here it is! Its ratings have always been low and it's just kept up that pattern this season. I don't think it's going anywhere, either. Last week's 0.3 is rough, but NBC seems to like it. While I'd usually be suspicious of its renewal odds, given that NBC underwent a regime change since is last renewal, the current President of NBC recently ordered a baking spinoff of the show for Peacock, so it seems like it genuinely makes NBC money. Its Emmy nominations probably don't hurt either. All in all, despite modest ratings, the show remains a modest favorite for renewal and it LEANS RENEWAL.

When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren: On premiere night, this documentary/comedy looked quite respectable. Sure, 0.5 isn't a great rating for a premiere, but it's hard to fault a show for matching what the wide majority of summer programs are getting. Week two, however, saw a hearty drop to a 0.3. Not good. It's hard to imagine ABC being too excited about the prospect of another season of a show that, in its *second* episode, got a 0.3 while leading off the night. I can't imagine that this costs too much to produce, but I really can't imagine it being back for another season after utterly failing so quickly. Maybe they should've put this Helen Mirren project on Disney+, where they have plenty of shows that similarly feel more suited for National Geographic than ABC. It LEANS CANCELLATION.

Big Brother: While last season saw its lowest premiere ever, the Big Brother fanbase remained dedicated throughout the season, and it stayed mostly in the 1.0 range, which is right where it returned last night. That makes it the #1 show of the summer season, 18-49 average-wise, and ties it with The Bachelorette and America's Got Talent for the top premiere of the summer season. While no premiere rating in the realm of possibility would've put it in any danger, it certainly over performed on Wednesday night. It's a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

Love Island: The fact that this shows was even renewed for a second show proved that CBS's standards for it are not very high. Its second season did poorly, just as season one did, and it still got renewed. Its performance for its premiere was in-line with what it did in its previous seasons, and gives me little reason to suspect that it's going anywhere anytime soon. It seems to be a solid performer for CBS in younger demos that they regularly do not reach, and also is said to do well for them on Paramount+. It enters as a LIKELY RENEWAL. 

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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