Frances in the Kitchen Season 2 Episode 3 - Network Retreat in the Kitchen

Frances in the Kitchen
 Season 2, Episode 3
Network Retreat in the Kitchen

Frances and Marcia are taking a break on the set of Frances in the Kitchen.

Jane: Frances, your coffee!

Frances: I asked for tea, Jane. Just like every day.

Jane: Oh, that’s right. It’s tea.

Marcia: Sure it is.

Jane: It is!

Frances: Hand it here, I’ll be able to tell the difference.

Beverly: Hey, I know you’re having a very intense conversation about… something, I’m sure -

Marcia: Whether Jane got tea or coffee.

Beverly: Fascinating.

Frances: Oh, it is tea!

Jane: I told you!

Frances: You telling me it was coffee was the only reason I thought it was coffee to begin with.

Jane: Why cant’ you guys just give me a break?

Beverly: I have some news to share! You're all going to be very excited!

Marcia: The network is replacing the air conditioning in here?

Beverly: Not yet but they’re working on it!

Marcia: Another week of putting ice packs in my bra, I guess.

Frances: Please tell me you’re not really doing that.

Marcia: I wish I could.

Frances: Good lord.

Beverly: Can I tell you my thing now?

Jane: See, Beverly They’re so rude.

DeAnna: We’ve going to Aspen!

Beverly: You bitch!

Frances: What is this “we” you speak of?

Charlie: Hello, girls!

Beverly: How do people keep getting in here?

Frances: Someone, define “we.”

DeAnna: The whole network, you idiot.

Charlie: Girls, don’t fight.

Frances: You’re telling me I’m going to be stuck in Aspen with DeAnna. I’m gonna fight you.

Charlie: All of the network personalities are going on a retreat there, it’s gonna be a fun, happy time. There is absolutely no need to fight anyone over it.

DeAnna: Yeah, Frances. It’ll be fun! Vacations are fun!

Frances: Not when you’re around.

DeAnna: Hey, I’m not too thrilled about having to see you on my vacation either but I will make it work.

Charlie: This is a work trip, girls. Not a vacation!

Beverly: Don’t rain on our parade!

Marcia: Charlie, please fix the AC, I’m dying in here!

Frances: Charlie, you can ignore her because I need my question answered.

Charlie: What question? You didn’t ask a question.

Frances: Who all can go on this trip? Can we bring our families?

Charlie: Everyone gets a plus-one, no more than that. You can pay for additional people to come if you want, but the rooms only have one bed so it probably won’t be comfortable.

Frances: Okay, good. I get some time away from my family.

Jane: Do I get to come?

Charlie: You’re an employee of the network, you do get to come even if you aren’t an on-air personality.

Jane: Yay! I can’t wait to go skiing!

Marcia: Honey, it’s July.

Charlie: I need to get back to work, but I’ll see you all in Aspen. Here are your plane tickets, we Sunday, July 31.

Frances: That’s so soon! Ten days!

Charlie: Get packing!

Later that night, when Frances returns home…

Lauren: Aunt Frances, you look tired. It’s only five o’clock. Rough day?

Frances: I had to see DeAnna, so, yeah.

Jimmy: What is it with DeAnna? Why do you hate her so intensely?

Frances: She knows why.

Greg: Sweetie, dinner’s almost ready. Maybe you should get ready.

Frances: I can eat in my day clothes, Gregory. It’s not like I work down at the quarry.

Greg: It was just a suggestion. I want you to be comfortable.

Frances: I’m plenty comfortable.

Louise: So how was your day? Seems like it was great, you’re in a tremendous mood.

Frances: I have some news.

Jimmy: You're moving?

Frances: Explain to me how I would move, but you wouldn’t. Just spell it out, please.

Jimmy: Wow, she really is in a tough mood.

Frances: I’m going to Aspen for a week-long network retreat.

Jimmy: That’s amazing!

Louise: What are we going to do in Aspen in the summer?

Frances: That’s the thing! You guys are not going!

Greg: What about me?

Frances: You can go.

Louise: Excuse me? Greg gets to go and enjoy the beautiful sights of Aspen in August but we can’t?

Frances: Well, he’s my husband.

Greg: Aww.

Louise: I know he’s your husband, but why does he get to go and not us?

Frances: Workplaces don’t often give out plus fours.

Louise: You’re rich. You can pay our way.

Lauren: Mom, we’re not going. Give it up already.

Jimmy: Honey, we’ll have a nice week here at home, just us three.

Louise: Like how it was before we lost everything and had to move in with your sister!

Jimmy: Exactly!

Frances: Glad to see you’ve all come to terms with not going on my work trip.

Louise: I’m glad, too. We work so well together as a family.

Lauren: Aunt Frances, why did you see so upset about going?

Frances: Well, DeAnna is going.

Jimmy: Oh boy…

Louise: You’re talking her but not us?

Frances: Sadly, she’s an employee of the network. Charlie had to invite her. I’d rather go on a trip with Satan himself than with DeAnna. At least you know what you’re gonna get with Satan.

Louise: Not buying it.

Greg: Louise, she would never exclude you.

Jimmy: Probably.

Frances: I really wouldn’t. Now, can we drop this and enjoy our dinner? I don’t want to talk about how close I’m going to be to DeAnna.

Louise: I don’t want to talk about being abandoned by my dear sister-in-law, either. It’s best to drop it.

Frances: Glad we’re on the same page!

Ten days later…

Frances: Honey, I love you but you better get your ass moving because I am not missing this trip. What are you doing?

Greg: Frances…

Frances: Something’s wrong. I can hear it in your voice.

Greg: I feel like I’m dying.

Frances: Please don’t die on the bathroom floor. It would be so embarrassing to have the coroner come in here.

Greg: I can’t fly like this.

Frances: What do you mean you can’t fly? Just make like an eagle and fly, babe!

Greg: I’m throwing up, Frances. I can’t get on an airplane.

Frances: That is not ideal but I don’t see it as something that disqualifies you from going to Aspen.

Greg: I’m not going, find someone else.

Frances: How do you suppose I should do that? I have to leave in an hour.

Greg: Louise…

Frances: Are you sure you don’t feel well enough to go?

Greg: Louise.

Frances: I’ll go ask her…

Frances knocks on the door of Jimmy and Louise’s guest house.

Jimmy: Frances! I thought you’d be at the airport by now.

Frances: Well…

Lauren: You wanted to see us one last time, I’m sure. That way you could remember what you’re escaping and have an even better time.

Frances: Is Louise here?

Jimmy: I’ll get her.

Louise: I don’t want to be reminded of the trip I’m being excluded from!

Jimmy: Just come out.

Louise: Fine.

Frances: Louise, I need you to answer quickly and if you say rush, hurry like crazy.

Louise: What are you asking me?

Frances: You may as well be called REO Speedwagon, because it’s time for you to fly!

Jimmy: His name’s Kevin Cronin, Frances, not REO Speedwagon. That’s the band.

Louise: I ask again: what are you asking me?

Jimmy: Greg is sick and can’t go, would you like to come with to Aspen?

Louise: Yes! Let me grab my bag!

Frances: Grab it? Don't you have to pack?

Louise: Oh, I’ve been packed. Let’s go, Frannie!

Frances: Did you poison my husband?

Louise: Of course not!

Lauren: She may have.

Jimmy: It sounds like something she’d do.

Louise: Don’t be silly, I don’t want to go that badly!

Frances: She’s a sociopath but she’s not that bad, I believe her.

Lauren: You shouldn’t.

Frances: Let’s get to the airport!

At the airport…

Beverly: Oh, look. Frances is here.

Marcia: At laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast…

Frances: I am thirty minutes early!

Marcia: We’re just giving you hell, Jane isn’t here yet either.

Frances: What a shock.

Beverly: I hesitate to ask this, Frances, but where is your husband? We do have to leave soon.

Louise: Frances, why’d you run in without me?

Marcia: My brother looks different. Much whiter, a bit more feminine, slightly old-

Louise: Don’t finish that.

Frances: She will kill you. She poisoned Greg to be here.

Marcia: You poisoned my brother?

Louise: I did not! Jimmy can vouch for me.

Marcia: I don’t really care that much.

Beverly: It’s sweet how much she cares for her brother.

Earl (Beverly’s husband): Honey, are we gonna go and check in?

Marcia: Oh my god, Earl spoke!

Frances: Louise, you don’t know how rare this is.

Louise: I don’t know and I don’t care too much. I just want to get to Colorado!

Jane: I’m here, everyone! Marcia texted me so many times and said she was worried but I’m finally here!

Beverly: Marcia, why’d you do that? We’re running early.

Marcia: I’m a bitch.

Louise: You mean tell me Jane didn’t use her plus-one and you still weren’t gonna take me with?

Jane: I didn’t get a plus-one.

Marcia: Neither did I but no one asked me where my husband was!

Beverly: We barely even notice him if he is present! Now, let’s go check in so we can get to the plane. We’re not getting left behind at LAX.

Frances: That’s a good plan, wish I thought of it!

One hour later, at the gate…

DeAnna: Frances, you got here early! And you brought the… these people.

Frances: Kill me now.

DeAnna: Am I really that bad?

Jane: You’re the meanest, most miserable person I’ve ever met!

DeAnna: Aww.

Beverly: Let’s all just get along, we don’t need to make a scene at the airport terminal.

DeAnna: It’s LAX, they’ve seen far worse. This place is a jungle.

Marcia: Why are you here flying on a public airline with us commoners? You’re so uppity, I’m sure you have a private jet.

DeAnna: I’m not wasteful, Frances minion whose name I don’t remember.

Jane: It’s Marcia!

DeAnna: Like I care. I’m not going to have to see any of you people on this plane because I’m flying first-class. Charlie’s taking care of me because I’m his star.

Louise: Is she always like this?

Marcia: Always.

Jane: Always.

Louise: Clock her! That’s how we deal with bitches in Jersey.

DeAnna: Your skinny little ass couldn’t take me. You look like one of the spooky, scary skeletons.

Jane: Body shaming is not okay!

DeAnna: Being as stupid as you are isn’t okay either and yet, here ya are!

Marcia: She’s meaner today.

DeAnna: Prolonged exposure to you idiots will do that to a person.

Frances: Can’t you go get a pretzel or something to give us some relief? This plane doesn’t leave for another half-hour.

DeAnna: I have a refined palate, I’m not eating some cheap junk food from an airport.

Frances: At least go somewhere else. Anywhere else. I don’t want to see you.

Louise: I can hit her if you want.

DeAnna: Try me.

Louise: I’m not going to do that because I’m a lady.

DeAnna What a pu-

Beverly: I think I’m going to get a magazine to read. Something to entertain me while we sit here.

Marcia: Let’s all do that! We can sit here silently and wait.

Frances: Sounds good to me…

DeAnna: As long as I don’t have to sit somewhere that I’d have to look past Frances, I can make it work.

Thirty minutes later…

Pam (gate agent): We’re now boarding first class passengers!

DeAnna: I’ll see you all later, chumps.

Louise: I really could hit her if you wanted me to.

Frances: We don’t need you to get arrested today, Louise.

Louise: I don’t mind.

Frances: You’d miss Aspen.

Louise: Okay, then I won’t do it.

Marcia: We wouldn’t know what to do without you!

Louise: That reminds me, Frances.

Frances: Oh boy…

Louise: I want the window seat.

Frances: I don’t care.

Louise: Thank you! I love looking out the window.

Beverly: Me too. I love to look out and ponder our impending doom.

Louise: That’s not why I love it. 

Pam: Ma’am, this is not a first class ticket. This is a coach ticket. 

DeAnna: Excuse me? I am a first class passenger!

Pam: That ain’t what the ticket says. It says you’re in row 14, seat H. That’s coach. Now, go sit and wait until we board coach.

DeAnna: Don’t you have any open first class seats? I’ll pay my way.

Pam: Not today, sorry.

DeAnna: This is an OUTRAGE.

Frances: Ha, what an idiot.

Louise: Hey, aren’t we in 14 J and 14 K?

Beverly: Ya sure are!

Frances: Noooooooooooooo!!!!!

To be continued… 

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