HBO Max Renew/Cancel: Predicting A Renewal for Gossip Girl + Discussing The Future of Kids’ Programming

Below is a table of audience demand multipliers as reported by Parrot Analytics for HBO Max’s original series. A 1.0 multiplier is the average for all shows past and present, and is updated on a rolling 30-day basis. The numbers seen in this table are as reported on July 11, 2021. Let us know what you think by leaving a reaction and comment! 

Gossip Girl
Gossip Girl’s audience demand multiplier is not all that impressive yet, but it should rise as time goes on, given these multipliers track performance for the past 30 days on a rolling basis and it’s only been a few days since it premiered. For what it’s worth, the original CW version of the show is above an 11 multiplier as of July 11, 2021. It is a high-profile premiere that HBO Max has been hyping up more than most other shows. As of right now, I don’t see a realistic scenario where it doesn’t return for a second season. 

That Damn Michael Che
It’s now been more than two months since the six-episode first season of That Damn Michael Che has aired, and there has been absolutely no news on it. Not only is it still not being covered by Parrot Analytics, it also has not been mentioned in press releases or seemed to have gotten much of a promotional push. Add all that to the fact that it’s only partially distributed by Warner and you have a situation no show would want to be in. I’m now leaning toward cancelation. 

Esme & Roy, Tig n’ Seek, and The Fungies!
Esme & Roy and Tig n’ Seek have less demand than most, if not all, other originals on HBO Max. This is not simply because HBO Max is having trouble attracting kids; Sesame Street is gigantic and Looney Tunes Cartoons also has solid demand. It’s been several months since Esme & Roy and Tig n’ Seek finished airing their most recent seasons. Additionally, while The Fungies! wrapped its latest season more recently, its reruns on Cartoon Network are receiving below average viewership for the network. This means the show likely won’t be saved by its ratings on Cartoon Network. Most importantly, all three have been left out of the 2021 Comic-Con, a place they were all found in 2020 (Looney Tunes Cartoons, meanwhile, was at last year’s and will be at this year’s as well). It seems HBO Max isn’t putting a whole lot of attention behind these shows anymore, which could indicate they do not have plans to make future seasons. Additionally, these shows have almost no international reach. Hopefully for the sake of the fans I’m proven wrong, but at this point I’m predicting HBO Max will focus more on their upcoming kids shows. This includes the upcoming Jellystone!, which is making its way to Comic-Con. 

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