Evergreen Aimee Season 1 Episode 8 - Testify My Love

Evergreen Aimee Season 1, Episode 8
Testify My Love

Aimee is sitting in her office with Lynette, Alec and Doug when Nanette enters.

Nanette: Is it safe here?

Aimee: We’re not gonna shoot you if that’s what we’re asking. We’re pro-gun but we’re not insurrectionists.

Nanette: Let’s not talk about guns, I’m still scarred by what happened last week.

Aimee: We all are, Nanette.

Nanette: Today’s the big dat, you know.

Lynette: We know, Nan.

Nanette: Are you guys ready for what you’re about to face?

Alec: About to? We put our statements on Twitter and we have people threatening to kill us already. No backing out now.

Doug: I haven’t publicly announced how I’m voting so I have that to look forward to, I guess.

Lynette: It’s real fun, Dougie. My dad was -

Alec: Your dad was Vice President, we’ve heard, Lynette. We lived though it. It was twelve years ago.

Lynette: Gee, someone’s cranky. Anyway, I was saying that my dad was VP and I never had death threats. Now I don’t know if I can go back home without Secret Service protection.

Nanette: Are any of you going to speak? I’m trying to delegate floor time. Spanheim wants ten minutes because she was a CIA officer, as if that’s in any way relevant.

Lynette: I’m gonna have to pass. I can’t be getting floor time allotted to me by someone who my party thinks is a communist.

Nanette: Well now they think you’re a communist, too.

Alec: That is true, I’ve been called that numerous times.

Aimee: I’m speaking. I have to, it’s important. One minute only, Nan.

Nanette: Thank you for standing up and doing this. It’s not easy but it’s very important.

Aimee: I told my sister Kimmy I wasn’t gonna speak and she yelled at me and what she said actual stuck with me. For a change, it made some sense.

Doug: I’m gonna speak, too. I have a few things to say.

Nanette: That’s wonderful! The more the merrier.

Alec: I’m going to pass on it. I can’t get my point across in only a few minutes and I think there’s people that can say it better than me in less time. 

Nanette: Well, I’ll see you on the floor, you guys. Thank you all for siding with democracy and the rule of law.

Two hours later…

Sharon: The gentlelady from Virginia’s time has expired.

Alicia: Well I’m not done talking!

Sharon: Your time has expired.

Alicia: I am not finished! Madam Speaker, give me more time.

Nanette: You had five minutes.

Alicia: The people of Henrico County deserve their voices to be heard during this vote.

Nanette: Congresswoman Spanheim, I said no!

Margo: Listen to her, Alicia. Come on, it’s time to sit down.

Alicia: History has its eyes on us and you must vote to impeach because the President is guilty! Simple as that! I yield the floor.

Sharon: The gentlelady from California has the floor.

Alicia: Oh, will you be quiet?

Sharon: No. The gentlelady from California has the floor.

Nanette: How much time do we have?

Sharon: The gentlelady from California has one hour, twelve minutes and four seconds remaining. The gentleman from Oklahoma has one hour, three minutes and seven seconds remaining.

Nanette: I’d like to allot one minute to my distinguished colleague, the gentlelady from Washington, Mrs. Ferrera Donahue.

Sharon: The gentlelady from Washington is recognized for one minute.

Aimee: Ladies and gentlemen, I rise today to speak out in support of our most valuable resource: truth. In these dark days surrounding the insurrection, I’ve truthfully feared for the future of this great country. I don’t want to be the generation that failed it. Truth sets us free from that fear. The truth is that President Delphy instructed a violent mob to attack this hollow ground for democracy. The truth is that democracy will be failed if people don’t stand up to defend it. What are you all afraid of? I’m afraid of failing this country. I’m afraid that my grandchildren will look back and wonder why I didn’t do more. I’m so afraid of that. That’s why speaking up was the only option. I’m not afraid to lose an election. I’m not afraid of the President. I’m not afraid to make this vote, because the truth is on my side. Truth doesn’t guarantee that everything will be okay, but as long as we have truth, as long as it prevails, as long as that key fabric of our democracy survives, democracy itself survives. Please, let democracy survive. Let truth survive. Don’t fail America. A vote to impeach our siting president is a vote to defend truth. It’s a vote to uphold democracy. We are its only hope. Madam Speaker, I yield the floor.

The Democratic side of the aisle rises and cheers loudly.

In Aimee’s office…

Lynette: Congratulations, Aimee. You’re now the great liberal lion of the US House.

Aimee: Sure I am.

Lynette: You’re gonna be if you keep giving speeches like that.

Alec: It was a great speech. You did great, Aimee.

Aimee: Thank you, Alec. I’m glad someone’s supportive since we’re all supposed to be in this together!

Lynette: I'm in this with you guys! All I’m saying is that you’re about to get a very substantial of liberal following.

Alec: Good, hopefully they all live in Washington and they’ll vote for her!

Aimee: Let’s not get ahead ourselves, Alec.

Lynette: Yeah, you forgot that she wants to lose!

Alec: Oh, right. I’ve never seen someone say “I want more peace and relaxation in my life, so I’m running for the Senate” before, but that’s Aimee’s prerogative.

Aimee: After all this, you can’t see why I want to retire? I have to wear a bulletproof vest on the campaign trail.

Alec: I get why you want to leave office, this is just a unique way of going about it. I admire you for trying to go out in style.

Lynette: I could never run for Senate just as a way to retire. So much work when you could just actually retire instead.

Alec: That’s because you’re a Republican from Wyoming. Unlike us, you’re guaranteed to win.

Aimee: Why are we talking about this today?

Alec: I blame it on Lynette. She’s annoying like that.

Lynette: I am, he’s right.

Three hours later, on the House floor…

Doug: You ready, Aimee?

Aimee: Ready for what?

Doug: To… never mind.

Aimee: I already voted, Doug.

Doug: You did? They just began the vote.

Aimee: I’ve been waiting for this! Stuck my voting card into the machine the second Nanette was done talking.

Doug: I feel like we’re being watched.

Aimee: Doug, we are. We’re in Congress. There’s a lot of people in this room. There’s a lot of people watching at home. Millions, actually. My mom probably, somehow, can see us standing here talking on C-SPAN.

Doug: I mean I feel like someone is watching us.

Aimee: Yeah, I know. That’s what you just said.

Doug: I mean another member. I think they’re upset with what we’re doing.

Lynette: What are ya talking about?

Aimee: Doug’s stating the obvious.

Doug: Obvious?

Aimee: There’s people here that defend POTUS like he’s in their family. Of course those people aren’t happy we’re impeaching him. They probably helped plan the insurrection themselves.

Lynette: Don’t say that! It’s probably true but so many of them have guns and they scare me!

Fifteen minutes…

Alec: There goes Nanette, looks like it’s go time!

Aimee: How many yeses were there? It’s passing, right?

Lynette: It’s passing with flying colors

Nanette: Have all members voted? Does any member wish to change their vote? No? In that case, on this vote, the ayes are 237, the nays are 198, the ayes have it and the resolution is adopted. The House is not adjourned until 10 AM tomorrow morning.

Aimee: And so it goes.

Lynette: 247 yes votes? That’s what… 

Alec: It was 237. Your ears do not work.

Aimee: Twelve Republicans voted for it, Lynette.

Lynette: Twelve? After the statement I put out?

Alec: I’m starting to think you don’t have the pull that you and the media assumed you did.

Victor: Can I talk to you three in my office?

Aimee: Us three?

Victor: You three.

Lynette: I… have a… doctor’s appointment… in Cincinnati.

Victor: You don’t have to lie, you’re not in trouble. I just want to talk.

Aimee: Let’s go, we can get it over with and not have to stress about it.

Victor: Get it over with? Glad you’re so excited to talk to your ole’ pal Victor!

Aimee: It’s been a long day. Again.

Victor: This will be painless, I promise.

In Victor’s office…

Lynette: So what’s this about? I’m very busy.

Victor: You guys voted to impeach the President. He’s not happy with you. Especially you, Lynette.

Lynette: Cool. Don’t mind me if I’m not too worried what the impeached loser says about me.

Victor: You all had the right to make that vote.

Alec: Thank you for stating the obvious.

Victor: I just want to ask you all that, in order to avoid infighting in our party -

Alec: I think it’s too late for that!

Victor: I want to ask you guys to not talk about the impeachment any further. You three were the most vocal pro-impeachment Republicans. I need for you to put it aside and let this impeachment play out in the Senate with little fanfare so we can move on as a party.

Aimee: What if it’s not good for the country for us to just move on?

Victor: The best way to unite us is to make sure this is finished as soon as possible. It only divides us more to go through a bitter impeachment.

Aimee: Victor, we could have all died. My friend from Pennsylvania, Sharon Wood, thought she was having a heart attack up in the gallery. I called my family to say goodbye. If we took two more minutes to act on the threat, the insurrectionists would’ve made it into the House chamber while we were there. If speaking against that is “dividing” America, then so be it. I’m not going to be silent.

Lynette: I won’t be, either. The President needs to pay for this.

Victor: You’re gonna regret this.

Alec: Hit us with your best shot.

Aimee laves Victor’s office and returns to her office to find Carolyn waiting for her.

Aimee: Wow, Carolyn! Haven’t seen much of you this past week.

Carolyn: How ya feeling, Aimee?

Aimee: Twelve Republicans. And you weren’t one of them. How do you think I’m feeling?

Carolyn: Impeachment is a big deal, Aimee. I wasn’t ready to make that step. I’m sorry.

Aimee: Carolyn, I love you -

Carolyn: I love you, too. What does that have to do with this conversation?

Aimee: I’m not finished. I love you and always will. You’re a terrific friend and mentor. Today, thought, you are a coward. You did a cowardly thing and will be remembered forever as a coward.

Carolyn: Aimee…

Aimee: It’s true! You know it’s true! I know you’re scared for your life. We all are. Fear shouldn’t motivate you. If it does, you need to resign. This job is for fighters. For people who love this country so much, they’d risk dying for it. You don’t, clearly.

Carolyn: I do!

Aimee: You love the Republican Party more than you love America. You’re too afraid of the President to act on what you know is right.

Carolyn: I know you and Lynette and Alec, you’re all disappointed in me, but who am I if I’m not a dedicated and loyal Republican? It’s all I’ve been all my life.

Aimee: That’s sad.

Carolyn: Sad? I know it’s sad. I’m pathetic.

Aimee: Don’t play that game with me, Carolyn.

Carolyn: I’m not playing a game.

Aimee: You are a brilliant legislator, you’re a great mother and wife and, before today, I’d call you a dedicated patriot. Who are you if not a loyal Republican? An American! Is that not good enough for you?

Carolyn: I don’t want to argue with you about this.

Aimee: I didn’t think we were arguing. I’m just telling you the truth. Can’t you handle the truth?

Carolyn: Don’t get all Jack Nicholson on me, Aimee. There’s no way for me to make this up to you, the vote is done.

Aimee: Just think about what was said today. I’m gonna have to start looking to someone else for advice, I guess.

Carolyn: Aimee!

Aimee: I think I need to lie down, could I be alone?

Carolyn: Sure.

Saturday, at Cherie and Ernesto’s weekly dinner…

Aimee: Mom, I’ve been here five minutes and I haven’t seen my sister yet. Where is she?

Ernesto: Eloise is in Boston. You know this, she’s been there for years.

Victoria: I spent a week with her a few months ago, before I came to DC. For some reason she didn’t appreciate me waking up her newborn in the middle of the night when I was listening to Joni Mitchell.

Ernesto: I wonder why.

Aimee: I didn’t mean Eloise! Why would Eloise be here?

Ernesto: I’m only messing with you! Obviously you mean Dianna.

Dave: Who’s Dianna?

Cherie: Dave, don’t even joke about forgetting the names of one of my babies. Even if she did ABANDON me. Thankfully my Aimee and Kimberly would never do that to me. Right, Aimee?

Aimee: I work in Washington, DC and I still fly back to you every weekend. If I didn’t abandon you then I’m never doing it.

Cherie: And this is why you’re my favorite!

Ernesto: Uh, Cherie…

Kimmy: Don’t worry, dad. I’m used to it.

Aimee: Finally Cinderella arrives!

Kimmy: Aimee! What a week!

Aimee: What, did something happen?

Kimmy: Don’t play coy with me. I’m finally proud of you!

Victoria: Aww, sisterly love.

Dave: Finally?

Aimee: I’ve never seen the press care so much about me before. I couldn’t even get out of Portland International without being badgered by them.

Kimmy: It’s because you’re a hero. I can’t believe I’m saying that about something my Republican congresswoman sister did at work, but you are! You made America better.

Aimee: What good is it, really? He’ll be acquitted by the Senate. Victor doesn’t even want us to talk about it.

Victoria: Screw Victor!

Aimee: That’s what I said, but I’ve gotten harassed by so many people this past week, even by my own friends. 

Ernesto: Those aren’t friends, Aimee.

Aimee: I can’t imagine the way I’ve been treated entices many senators to want to vote “guilty.”

Kimmy: Aimee, I want to sing a song for you.

Dave: Oh no, I think I have to run out to the car for Eddie’s toy race car…

Ernesto: What are you talking about? He has the race car in his hand.

Victoria: David, don’t be mean to Kimmy. She has a beautiful voice.

Aimee: Let’s hear it, Kimmy.

Kimmy: I need to get my keyboard!

Aimee: Wow, budget.

Dave: You go, Christine McVie.

Kimmy: It must have been cold there in my shadow

Cherie: I’m crying already.

Ernesto: Here’s a tissue, I know you’ll need it.

Cherie: You’re so thoughtful, honey.

Kimmy: So I was the one with all the glory, while you were the one with all the strength.

Dave: How long is this song?

Victoria: David!

Aimee: Quiet, you two, she’s about to hit the best part!

Kimmy: Did you ever know that you’re my hero, and everything I would like to be?

Cherie: I’m in tears.

Ernesto: So am I, don’t feel bad about it.

Kimmy: I can fly higher than an eagle, for you are the wind beneath my wings.

Aimee’s phone rings.

Aimee: Son of a b-

Victoria: Shh!!!

Aimee: I need to take this, I’m sorry.

Aimee answers the phone.

Denise: Aimee…

Aimee: This better be something important, my sister was singing me a song about how I’m her hero. You sound distressed so I think it might be.

Denise: Lynette just called me.

Aimee: Oh no…

Denise: Oh no is the correct reaction! NBC just “leaked” news that the President spoke to Victor Mulcahy during the riot at the Capitol and said he supported the efforts. That brought attention to your impeachment statement where you referred to this call and now Alicia Spanheim is calling you as a witness on Monday.

Aimee: She’s doing what?

Denise: I know…

Aimee: What the heck am I going to do?

Denise: You’ll have to testify. Again, I think this can help your campaign, but it’s a tricky situation. Don’t do anything to turn off the Republican voters. Just be honest and offer up pure facts and nothing else. You can sway some moderate Democrats and independents to your side.

Aimee: I really don’t want to do this.

Denise: Sadly you won’t have a choice. They’re subpoenaing you.

Aimee: What a lovely way to start off the week, and it isn’t even here yet!

Denise: Good luck, Aimee.

Aimee: Thanks, I’ll need it!

Aimee hangs up.

Kimmy: Thank you, thank you, Thank god for you, the wind beneath my wings.

Cherie: That was beautiful, honey!

Victoria: Too bad Aimee missed half of it!

Kimmy: Aimee missed it? Aimee, why?

Aimee: I’m sorry, honey. I just got some distressing news. My long national nightmare is not over.

Ernesto: Did they cancel -

Aimee: No, dad. I have to testify in the Senate on Monday at the impeachment trial about the phone call between Victor and POTUS. I’ll the the only witness because I was the only one dumb enough to refer to this call in my impeachment statement! Why do I always get myself into this? Stupid!

Victoria: You’re not stupid!

Kimmy: Well, she can be!

Ernesto: Kimmy!

Cherie: Personally, I think it’s good you’re going to testify. If anyone can sway these thickheaded Republicans who can’t put country over party just once, it’ll be you, the smartest, most charismatic person I know.

Kimmy: Are you trying to hurt me at this point?

Victoria: This one even stand me a bit.

Cherie: Can you two stop acting like it’s a competition?

Victoria: Can you stop making it feel like one?

Aimee: You guys are weird. 

Dave: I agree with your mother.

Cherie: Thank you!

Dave: This might not be something you like doing, but it can help move the needle. You should do it.

Aimee: You don’t have to try to convince me to do it, I have to. I got subpoenaed and everything.

Cherie: You’re gonna do great, honey! Make us proud!

Aimee: Why are you acting like I have to leave now to testify? That’s on Monday.

Ernesto: Your mother’s losing it, Aimee.

Kimmy: Now that is true.

Monday, outside the U.S. Senate chamber…

Lynette: You ready, Aimee? You feeling good?

Aimee: I’m nervous! I’m a member of Congress that’s nervous to be speaking in front of my fellow members of Congress! It’s so embarrassing!

Alec: These are senators, Aimee. They’re built different. They eat us House members for breakfast.

Aimee: Very comforting, Alec.

Lynette: You have no reason to be embarrassed, millions of people across the world are watching this. It’s normal to be nervous!

Aimee: I didn’t even think of that!

Lynette: Oops.

Aimee: Very comforting, Lynette.

Margo: Aimee, they’re ready for you.

Aimee: Oh boy…

Margo: Don’t worry, Alicia will go easy on ya.

Aimee: Really?

Margo: No, but I’m sure she won’t be too aggressive.

Lynette and Alec: Very comforting, Margo.

Inside the Senate chamber…

Alicia: Congresswoman Ferrera Donahue, thank you for joining us here today.

Aimee: Didn’t have much of a choice, but you’re welcome!

Alicia: I can assure you, my questioning won’t last long. In fact, I only have one question for you.

Aimee: Oh, good! I left my coffee in the House microwave so hopefully I can get back there in time to get it out before someone notices.

Alicia: Congresswoman, you said you had a conversation with Leader Mulcahy in the days following the Capitol storming.

Aimee: Yes. Was that the one question or was I jumping in too quickly with an answer?

Alicia: That was not a question but I appreciate the confirmation anyway. You spoke with Leader Mulcahy, and he informed you of a phone call that he had with President Delphy. Give us the details of the phone call. Everything you remember, leave no details out.

Aimee: Okay, so it all started with..

Thirty minutes later…

Aimee: And that’s that!

Alicia: Wow, that was extremely detailed.

Aimee: You said to leave nothing out and I had to make sure I left nothing out.

Alicia: We’re now gonna open the floor up to questions from senators, if that’s okay. We agreed to a limit of three questions so it won’t take too long. Or maybe it will ,that one question did take a half an hour. Senator McAllister, you wanna go first?

Geraldine: Howdy, Congresswoman! How’s it going?

Aimee: I’ve had worse days.

Geraldine: My question to you is, why did you wait until after NBC, uh, confirmed the call before you stepped forward to say you knew of its existence?

Aimee: I didn’t, um, I didn’t wait to step forward. I mentioned it in my initial statement in support of impeachment. It’s just, no one ever cared to ask the details of it before a major news network claimed it was an exclusive. If Representative Spanheim wasn’t as good of a detective as she is, I wouldn’t be here today. The media never picked it up. Very few did.

Geraldine: All right, thank you. That’s my only question.

Alicia: Anyone else have a question?

Senator Ellie Wilson: We’ve been here long enough, we’re good!

Alicia: Well, if that’s the only question the senators have, Congresswoman Ferrera Donahue is excused. Thank you for coming in.

Aimee: A pleasure.

Aimee walks out of the senate and is greeted in the hall by Alec.

Aimee: Alec, where’s Lynette?

Alec: She’s caught up right now. She’ll be back. You did great, though!

Aimee: What is so major the she had to leave now?

Alec: She’ll tell you.

Lynette: Aimee!

Aimee: Lynette, where were you? Did you get lost again?

Lynette: No, honey. I’m done.

Aimee: Done? With what?

Lynette: My job.

Aimee: I don’t understand.

Lynette: That was Victor on the phone. He’s holding a vote, at the President’s request, to strip me of my position as Chair of the House Republican Conference. It’s being held tomorrow, he has the votes, and it will pass.

Aimee: Oh, Lynette, I’m so sorry.

Alec: Even I am sorry, and I think you’re a doofus.

Lynette: Thank you, you’re too kind.

Aimee: So, what are we going to do now?

Lynette: There’s nothing we can do to save my job. Keep speaking up, I guess. Do what we can to save America. That’s not helpless. Not completely helpless.

Alec: I… agree with Lynette.

Aimee: Wow, hell must have frozen over.

Lynette: Can we get back to the House? The Senate creeps me out.

Alec: You are running to be a senator.

Lynette: Damn, I keep forgetting about that.

Aimee: Lynette… we know. You forget a lot.

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