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2021 is here, after an unforgettable year, with too much to mention.  Ratings seem all but gone in each passing year yet continue to play a predominant role since 1950.  In lieu of TVRG having completed postings for 70 years worth of data, a Jeopardy game is proposed for all of the site's readers.  The theme is going straight into the Ratings History database, with 1976-77 being the base of the questions in the bolded link.  If you hold interest in playing in the tournament, please leave a comment below and Jennifer will contact you with further info.  The game will need to be organized by timezones as several readers are global, and we are working out posting in our monthly OFF TOPIC thread.  If interested, please do the following:

1. Post a Comment in our comments section below.  If you do not have Disqus, log in quickly or use one of the other associated options.  In your comment leave the following info:

* Your requested user name (can be a screen name vs legal name)

* Your timezone

* Dates which are most readily available.

2. Go to the link for the 1976-77 ratings as stated in the above paragraph and get familiar with the shows.  Most can be found in Wikipedia if you choose to familiarize yourself with this game changing year.

If enough people express interest, the game will be organized and further info and instructions will be posted.

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