Sitcom Scorecard - January 13-14, 2021

Original sitcoms were slim pickens this week as all of CBS and FOX Sunday took the week off, leaving lower entries to fend for themselves.  ABC's comedies returned to lackluster results after weeks off on January 13 with The Goldbergs (0.69) and American Housewife (0.56) down 0.06 each, while The Conners (0.62) up 0.02.  New entry Call Your Mother (0.53) sadly made an underwhelming debut, though it was up 0.11 from Blackish's last entry in December.  

Thursday, January 14 left CBS off the radar and NBC and FOX comedies with limited competition.  The results?  Mr. Mayor (0.53) dropped 0.02 as Superstore (0.48) shed 0.05 from its last showing and tunneled a new series low.  Over on FOX, Call Me Kat (0.55) scratched deeper into the litterbox and dropped 0.13 from its last showing, and Last Man Standing (0.49) found a new series low after shedding 0.06.

Call Me Kat is still a likely renewal as its numbers remain strong enough if FOX shows interest in maintaining live comedies.  And Bless The Harts has been downgraded to Likely Cancellation due to FOX's rescheduling and apparent priority over developing The Great North.  Bless The Harts may have a full season order, but it remains FOX's weakest Sunday comedy.  The network could open the 7:30 timeslot again or wait till summer, but Harts' prognosis is looking bleak.

Notice drastic changes in the table above?  It has come time for the Sitcom Scorecard to let its belt out and add an extra decimal point due to too many one-size-fits-all ties in placement.  Preliminary numbers are often rounded digits while final data delivers an extra decimal.  Updating these figures broke apart the sea of ties, as well as shed some light on some new data points.  Several shows were neck to neck and either showed as tied or a hair above their neighbors.  Case and point: Young Sheldon appeared to outrate The Neighborhood, when in fact the latter outrates by 0.002.  Bob Hearts Abishola and Bob's Burgers both appeared to be tied at a 0.61, when in fact they were 0.006 apart, and Bobishola is closer in range to American Housewife.

Due to the scrutinized data, the Sitcom Scorecards will not be parked on Friday mornings anymore to capture the final data for accurate data.  Only finalized numbers will be incorporated into these charts and delivered.  The next upcoming sitcom on the radar is Mixedish, which will make its return on January 26 along with parent show Blackish.  And alas, there will finally be sitcoms on Tuesday again!  Do not hold your breath for Friday sitcoms, as the networks are otherwise committed on that evening.

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