CBS Renew/Cancel -- CBS Needs NCIS: LA To Keep Sundays Alive


Nielsen delays prevented data from being reported timely, resulting in CBS R/C having a lag for one week.  In that time, B-Positive outrated Mom and is upgraded to Likely Renewal.  The sitcom has been holding its own with fewer dips and even took on the rugged December schedule with sturdy results.  The same windfall cannot be granted to The Unicorn, CBS's 2nd-lowest-rated scripted program (as well as the 2nd-lowest sitcom of the 21 entries).  Elsewhere, NCIS: Los Angeles continues strong on a less-desired Sunday evening as its highest-rated drama.  The results of The Equalizer's post-Superbowl showing have yet to determine if the freshman drama will succeed as it takes NCIS: LA's timeslot after Superbowl.  It narrowly ranks above the network average, a win for the network as it is scheduled on a less desirable evening.  But NCIS: LA has proven an asset in its 12th season as it has retained leads LL Cool J and Erik Christian Olsen, the key to making the show click and succeed.  Unless one defects and leaves the series, NCIS: LA is a Likely Renewal.  These two stars bring the magic and interest of the coveted demographics and raise renewal odds.

If NCIS: Los Angeles perks your interest, take a moment and read the acclaimed article profiling the series' Season 12 Episode 9 REVIEW  courtesy of our beloved author A Virtual Scrawl.  The breakdown can bring viewers up to speed and the author has profiled the series extensively with their solid reviews.

Predictions are easy to spot on CBS as they seldom shake up their schedules like ABC and FOX.  Their Sundays are successfully stacked with comfort food procedurals, and Monday comedies are winning.  Tuesdays again stack the hours with formulated procedural franchises, and Thursdays remain committed to comedies despite noticeable drops.  And would anyone dare tinker with Friday's copping the network's sturdy procedurals?  Yes, Magnum PI and MacGyver shamelessly ripped off the 80's wonders, but have given their own narrative and succeed.  Where CBS needs to watch out is Monday and Wednesday procedurals.  Bull is low but steady, holding the marquee star Michael Wetherly as their draw.  And David Boreanaz does the same with SEAL Team.  

Where CBS is having trouble is SWAT again holds "a star" in its basket with Shemar Moore, but SWAT stinks the night up without SEAL Team bolstering it.  Over on Mondays, All Rise cannot blame its lead-in, as Bob Hearts Abishola is crushing in their delivery above the CBS average, as well as stacked against their competing sitcoms.  Both mentioned procedurals remain On the Bubble as they hold some marketability, but could be the first to go if CBS needs space.  The Equalizer, Clarice and Evil have yet to air and could change the game.  Over on the sitcom front, it is evident The Unicorn is circling the drain.  The other potential scheduling space lies in Mom, an 8th season veteran who lost one of its leads in 2020.  While performing strong, it could end if Allison Janney opts to walk away.

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