Off Topic -- January 2021 (Seasons of L...O...V...E...)

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes.  At which one of these do readers remember COVID-19 became a reality for them?  Broadway hit "Rent" broadway hit rings true as 2020 was a penultimate year which felt like a season/series finale for a series.  Life, death, birth, marriages, victories, setbacks and a reinvented life.  2020 tested all, but many were also given great opportunities to reinvent.  The networks took this sentiment and appear to be turning a corner from scripted to reality.

Does anyone remember in their social media circle seeing someone needlessly discussing "Fuck 2019.  Let's hope 2020 is a better year"?  For those foolish to be narrow-sighted and believe they had a bad year, 2020 challenged them and showed it could be far worse.  Rather than discussing that, let's look back on the television landscape.  Several weaker shows on the schedule did indeed perish, too many to mention.  But 2020 also brought surprise endings.  Fresh Off the Boat bowed out in February after 6 soft-rated yet critically-acclaimed seasons.  Modern Family ducked out in April, and thankfully they organized earlier and ended pre-COVID.  

The same grace unfortunately was not offered to Empire, once a trend-setting-ratings-get-better-and-better series which limped out of the gates.  How To Get Away With Murder and others also bid adieu, thankfully in proper fashion.  And after 15 years, Supernatural ended a strong but aging run after 15 (and a half?) seasons.  Coming soon, Superstore and Last Man Standing will also exit after long, sturdy runs.  And in a shocking cast departure, Anna Faris exited Mom.  Despite lean pickins with new life in the lineup, most of the veteran series returned and delivered the comfort food viewers enjoyed.

Rather than lament on what was a trying year, remember January is always the most promising month of the year.  Everyone drafts lofty goals, some of which may come true.  Come join the thread and ponder what the world can create in 2021.  Another inauguration is coming, several beloved shows are returning like childhood friends returning home after time away and there is much to be thankful for.

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