Fox Renew/Cancel #6: ’9-1-1’ is Certain to be Renewed


Predictions for 1/27/21

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Below are the latest renew/cancel predictions for the Fox network. Four new programs have premiered since the last update, all with at least a season under their belt. Three of them are likely to secure another season while one is in legitimate danger. 

The '9-1-1' Duo : '9-1-1' and spinoff companion '9-1-1 Lone Star' debuted on January 18th with a 1.22 and 0.95 rating respectively. In their second week, the two procedurals were actually able to make some minor gains, rising to a 1.24 and 1.03. With the amount of shows garnering a 1.0 A18-49 rating or higher shrinking by the hour, Fox would be foolish to even consider getting rid of this resilient pair of dramas. Both programs are a lock to return. Status: CERTAIN RENEWAL

The Resident: The Emily VanCamp medical drama remains a decent player on the Fox roster, posting a 0.7 rating for its season premiere and hovering around the 0.6 range since. This series was consistently in the 0.6-0.8 range last year so it has remained relatively steady despite a nine-month hiatus. Although it's not performing high enough to warrant a 'Certain Renewal' prediction, it remains on the right side of the bubble due to satisfactory ratings. Status: LIKELY RENEWAL

Prodigal Son: This sophomore drama had the best seat in the house last year, airing in the timeslot directly after '9-1-1' and '9-1-1: Lone Star' for the entire season. Despite those shows never falling below a 1.0 rating, 'Prodigal' consistently shed a large chunk of their audience, garnering numbers in the 0.6-0.9 vicinity. Now that the series has a significantly weaker 'Resident' lead-in, it has completely failed to stand on its own. It premiered to a new low (0.5) on January 12th and fell to a measly 0.4 rating for its latest installment. If it wasn't clear last year that this crime drama has little staying power, it has definitely become clear now. With a Nielsen average lower than all shows that have not been canceled, it's safe to say that 'Prodigal Son' is on its way out. Status: LIKELY CANCEL

Call Me Kat: Since its football-charged premiere, 'Call Me Kat' started with a sturdy 0.7 rating in its Thursday-night home but has since fallen as low as a 0.5 (0.547 to be exact). Its most recent installment inched up to a 0.56 rating, slightly below its 'Hell's Kitchen' lead-in (0.72) but a good bit above its 'Last Man Standing' lead-out (0.44). Despite the slippage, 'Kat remains in the 'Likely Renewal' category. As stated earlier, Fox likely wants to keep a live-action comedy on their network and placing it at 9 instead of 9:30 shows that the sitcom is being prioritized. With that said, it may be in danger if it falls much lower from this point. Status: LIKELY RENEWAL

The Great North: Following its lackluster January 3rd debut (0.69), Fox decided to give this animated series a proper boost by airing its second episode after the massive AFC Championship game (9.9). 'North' was catapulted to a robust 2.1 rating, pushing it to the top of the Fox roster. It will be interesting to see if this artificial ratings increase will do anything to help its cause in the spring. Nonetheless, the cast and crew will not have to worry too much as the series has already scored a renewal. Status: RENEWED

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