7 Fox News Personalities And 4 Outsiders Who Could Anchor Fox News Prime Time

With Martha MacCallum’s The Story exiting the 7 pm time slot, Fox News is looking to a new opinion program to take its place. Titled Fox News Primetime, the program will premiere on Monday, January 18 with a rotating list of hosts before deciding on a permanent one. Before we find out who these rotating hosts are, let’s speculate as to who could plausibly earn the position. They are listed in alphabetical order, sorted by first name. Let us know who you see as contenders by leaving a comment!

Existing Fox News Personalities

David Webb

Currently a Fox News contributor and host of Fox Nation’s Reality Check, David Webb is a well-known personality. Webb would likely have a smooth transition to prime time, and his availability for the role is largely dependent on the future of his daily radio show on Sirius XM. 

Emily Compagno

Fox News viewers know Emily Compagno best as a frequent co-host on The Five. Given her frequent appearances, it is likely Fox News sees her as someone who resonates with their audience. If she is not offered the position or rejects it, she would naturally be a leading contender to join The Five should one of the hosts exit. 

Gregg Jarrett

Gregg Jarrett is best known on Fox News for his Trump-endorsed coverage of the Russian election interference allegations and Trump impeachment. He has been with Fox News for over 18 years, and has also worked for Court TV and MSNBC. He is a seasoned television presenter, which is a plus when it comes to picking a host for a high-profile program.  

Juan Williams

Despite having been with the network since 1997, Juan Williams is currently the only co-anchor of The Five to not also have his own show. Co-anchor Dana Perino has proven anchoring The Five and having a solo show can be doable, or he could leave The Five. A Juan Williams-hosted hour would only work if Fox News wishes to give an hour to a Democrat perspective. With the Democratic Party controlling the Presidency and both chambers of Congress, a Democratic perspective is more relevant now than it’s been in over a decade. 

Pete Hegseth

On paper, Pete Hegseth is naturally a leading contender for the time slot. As the co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend, as well as a substitute host for Fox and Friends, Fox News viewers are well-aware of him. This would not be the first time Fox News gave someone in Hegseth’s current position a prime time slot; Tucker Carlson is also experienced in them. Viewers who exclusively watch Fox and Friends Sunday would then have a reason to check out Fox News’ weekday prime time programming. 

Raymond Arroyo

Fox News viewers know Raymond Arroyo best for being a recurring guest on The Ingraham Angle. He also is the co-host of Fox Nation’s Laura and Raymond, starring himself alongside Laura Ingraham. As such, he already collaborates well with a Fox News prime time host, and would likely be a welcome presence at 7 pm to dedicated viewers of The Ingraham Angle. 


It is unclear what angle Fox News plans to take with Fox News Prime Time—or if they even know. If they choose to incorporate pop culture with news and promote from within, Tyrus should be in consideration. He most frequently appears on the political/pop culture-hybrid The Greg Gutfeld Show, but also tends to appear on other shows and on Fox Nation. He is not a conventional news reporter, and is best known outside of Fox News as a former WWE wrestler; he would be an unlikely contender if the network is looking for another Hannity. 

Outside Possibilities

Chris Christie

Chris Christie is currently active in politics on television, acting as a panelist for ABC news for special political coverage like post-debate analysis and elections. Beyond that, he has a distinguished political career, serving two terms as Governor of New Jersey. He also ran for President in 2016 and has ties to President Trump. Like him or hate him, he is very blunt with his opinions and is accustomed to appearing on television. Fox News would have to be careful, though, as he would be a short-term hire if he decides to run for President in 2024. 

Donald Trump

Is this really as far-fetched as it sounds? President Trump loves attention, and an hourly show on television could be the easiest way now that he is banned from Twitter. He has spoken out against Fox News in recent months, but with enough money, he could see himself to be the person to “fix” the network, so to speak. 

Kayleigh McEnany

Handing Kayleigh McEnany an hour wouldn’t be the first time a cable news channel employed a former Trump Press Secretary; Sean Spicer currently anchor’s Newsmax TV’s 6 pm hour. McEnany has appeared on Fox News in behalf of Trump quite frequently, and has additional experience on cable news through her former gig as a contributor on CNN. 

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum is the a former Representative and Senator from Pennsylvania, runner-up for the Republican Presidential nomination in 2012, and current punching bag on CNN. On a network that has been upping its anti-Trump rhetoric throughout the past five years, Santorum has stuck with his conservative viewpoints. This could be the perfect opportunity to provide his input to a more receptive audience. 

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