Find The Answer Season 1 Episode 4


The answers to these five questions can be found on The TV Ratings Guide. Look for the answer, fill out the form below, and see how you do!

1. As of Saturday, January 23, what was the U.S. Audience Demand Multiplier for Curious George? (Hint: This can be found in our Peacock Renew/Cancel post.)


2. Which category did The TV Ratings Guide place American Housewife in on the January 25 edition of ABC Renew/Cancel?

-Leans Cancellation
-Leans Renewal
-Likely Renewal
-Certain Renewal

3. Which CBS reality show was renewed on January 27?

-The Amazing Race
-Big Brother
-Love Island
-Undercover Boss

4. In The TV Ratings Guide’s review of NCIS: LA Season 12 Episode 9, the character Hetty is first mentioned after the character Deeks returns to this area, which happens to also be the name of a TVRG Production.

-Our House
-The Bullpen
-Planet Z

5. True or False: Aimee, the titular character from the upcoming TVRG Production Evergreen Aimee, appeared in Marietta Season 3 Episode 13.


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