Family Guy Season 17 Episode 2 Review

Family Guy has been pretty hit-and-miss for at least the last couple of seasons, even more so than The Simpsons. I noticed this specifically last season, where it could range from easily the highlight of the Fox animation lineup to by far the night's weakest component. Sometimes they knock it out of the park, and sometimes they just... don't. And yet, I regained my passion for the show over the Summer when I began rewatching some old episodes, as part of a project I'm still working on here at the TV Ratings Guide. Rewatching it made me realize that, while the show has produced more than a few duds in its time, it's made me "laugh and cry" more times than it hasn't. That's why, from now on, I'll be reviewing the show, and hopefully you'll all come along for the ride. Last week's premiere was a solid-if-unexceptional start to season 17, and was the first of a two-part episode that concludes with this week's episode. Let's see how that episode wraps and if the show can deliver another funny half-hour.

Brian is absolutely miserable in his new life, and he's ready to fake his own death just to get away from Jess. Peter tries to help him out by taking him to a bar that's just for husbands. Meanwhile, Chris is taking care of Stewie and he gets paged to a party, much to Stewie's surprise. The party is expectedly wild, but Stewie fits right in. Brian is gaining weight and is becoming Peter 2.0, and he ends up injuring himself.

Dr. Hartman tells Brian he has hip dysplasia, and that Brian has to be taken care of. Stewie now has an addiction to vaping thanks to the party Chris took him to, and he gets Chris addicted to it, too. Jess cares for him 24/7, until his hip surgery. Unfortunately for Brian, he drives Jess so crazy that she takes him to be euthanized instead of taking him in for hip surgery.

Lois discovers Stewie's vaping addiction, and she screams at Chris, thinking that Stewie's vape pen is Chris's. Stewie begs for Chris's help and wants Chris's vape pen, but he won't give it to him. After a fight that ends in an... awkward way, Chris agrees to get Stewie's pen back. He talks to Lois, and discovers that she is smoking to deal with the frustration. He calls her a hypocrite and says that vaping is okay because it makes him look cool. He changes his tune very quickly when Lois shows him a picture of him vaping. Meanwhile, Peter stops by Jess and Brian's apartment and Jess tells him that she had Brian euthanized. Peter rushes to the library to discover what that means, wasting precious time. He arrives just in time to save him, and Brian sees Jess on the way out. They seem to get over the fact that they both nearly killed each other. It is later revealed that Jess died offscreen.

I can't really describe this episode as a hit or a miss. It was pretty much just in the middle. There were definitely some funny moments in the episode, but a lot of it wasn't really that funny or that interesting. Stewie and Chris's storyline didn't really go anywhere, but it did have the potential to. It basically only had one joke and the time spent on it would have been better spent somewhere else. If they weren't willing to give the storyline more than just a few minutes, they should have just made this a one-story episode, with no B-plot at all. It probably would have been more enjoyable that way.

Brian's storyline was definitely better than the B-plot, but even it wasn't all that great. Last week's episode did a much better job of dealing with Brian's marriage with humor, and this was just a bit depressing and weird. And sure, Family Guy is a really weird show (which is why I love it!), but this just wrapped up way too neatly. Peter was absolutely hilarious whenever he showed up though, and he saved the episode from being incredibly mediocre and incredibly forgettable. Both the husband bar and him driving to the library to search for the definition of euthanize were big laugh out loud moments for me. So all in all, the episode had some great highlights even if it's not one of the show's best entries.

Score: 6/10
Grade: C-

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