The 100 S4E11 Review

After a shocking twist last week, the question of who will survive the season becomes a lot more complicated.

S4E11 "The Other Side"

Octavia ends up making a radio connection to Bellamy. He agrees to her plan of letting 100 from each clan survive, but the others stop him. Abby, Clarke, and Jaha talk about what they have done, and Abby doesn't like how comfortable Clarke and Jaha seem to be with it. Bellamy ends up convincing Abby, and her stand for what she believes makes me like her more than I have in a very long time.

Abby and Bellamy seem to have succeeded, but Clarke arrives to stop them. She points a gun at Bellamy, and it is an incredibly intense moment. She is unable to kill him, and Bellamy opens the hatch. Now, Skaikru has to choose 100 survivors. Octavia chooses one spot: Bellamy. I love that their relationship seems to have been mended now. A ticking clock is also put on the leaders, as they have 24 hours. This is getting exciting!

Raven is preparing for her spacewalk. She has a seizure, which we learn is her third one that day. While having the seizure, she sees Sinclair hold her hand. Raven wakes up, and continues to have hallucinations about Sinclair. Sinclair tells her to keep fighting, and not accept the fact that she's going to die. She comes up with something, and tries it, despite Becca's opposition, She ends up almost dying, but this is Raven Reyes, she doesn't die!

The people that Monty stayed behind for are getting sick, and he realizes they will have to go soon if they are going to survive. Monty tries to save Jasper, and it is a great scene. Their friendship is amazing and deep, though it has been bumpy. Jasper dies, which is really tragic, but I believe that it had to happen. Almost everyone else has died as well, though Harper survived.

With a moral conflict, a sad but inevitable death, and an exciting ending, how could I not love this week's The 100? Raven's part of the episode wasn't as strong as the other parts, but I still loved the episode.

Score: 9.5/10

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