Superstore Season 2 Finale Review

The season finale of Superstore features a tornado.

S2E21 "Tornado"

Glenn is struggling to choose which employees to fire. He talks to Amy and Dina, and it's funny when Dina stops being nice when she finds out this doesn't affect management. Amy tries to help Glenn make his decision, but he can't rate people lower than 10 on a scale from 1 to 10. It's hilarious when he asks everyone to vote on the people to fire, especially when names get thrown out and everyone writes them, especially when Sandra writes her own name. Finally, pressure causes Glenn to choose people, and then a tornado warning goes off.

After the tornado warning, the employees try to remember what to do in the event or a tornado. Some of the lines here are hilarious, especially when Cheyenne says to tell someone, and Amy responds that's only if the tornado is molesting you. The employees call their loved ones, and there are some funny lines here. Strong winds blow into Cloud 9. It's hilarious as Glenn prays to the gods of all the different religions. At the end of the episode, they discover no one in the store was killed, although there is no sign of Brett, who was outside the store.

Jonah tries to make things less awkward after calling Amy "sexy" last week, by using the word frequently. Amy and Jonah end up sitting together after the tornado warning goes off. The potential death due to the tornado causes Amy to kiss Jonah. It seems that their relationship is going to be explored in season three. However, the situation is complicated, considering Amy's marriage, and that she has a daughter.

Superstore's second season really went out with a bang--or with strong winds. It was a strong episode, with many hilarious moments, and great development with the Amy and Jonah relationship.

Score: 10/10

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