Superior Donuts Season 1 Finale Review

This week, the customers of Superior Donuts find out what Maya really thinks of them.

S1E13 "Secrets and Spies"

After Maya leaves her laptop open in Superior Donuts, some of the customers read what's on it, and it turns out that she has been writing about them. Sweatpants is disappointed that he isn't mentioned in the dissertation, so he tries to make an impression. Franco and Randy try to figure out where Arthur goes every Sunday night. They discover that he goes to a support group for gambling addiction. The way that this is discovered is interesting. Franco ends up being brought into the room, and there is a funny line where he says "you can bet on that".

Arthur is upset at Franco for having followed him. Nadine shows up at Superior Donuts to talk to Franco. The rest listen in to their conversation, and she tells Franco that she is pregnant. The way that Franco discovers that everyone else was listening was interesting and entertaining. It is also revealed to Maya that her dissertation was read, and she tells them that what they read was her first impressions. Franco reveals to Arthur that Nadine isn't pregnant with his kid. The ending is a nice little moment where Arthur and Franco talk about why they kept those things secret.

While there were some good jokes, this wasn't the funniest of episodes. However, when it comes to story it was a great episode, as the reveals were paced well and revealed in interesting ways.

Score: 9/10

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