Rebecca's NBC Schedule Prediction

NBC releases their fall schedule in less than a day, so this I guess this is as good of a time as any to post my schedule predictions for the Peacock Network. I, like many of you I'm sure, am very excited to see what the networks have in store for us and for the new TV season. Without further ado, here's my schedule.

8:00- The Voice
10:00- The Brave (fka For God and Country) NEW DRAMA

Obviously, as one of NBC's#1 shows, The Voice will be returning to 8 PM on Mondays. That's very boring, because it's definitely happening. The interesting thing here is 10 PM. With Timeless and Taken both underperforming, it's very unlikely that either will get this slot again, especially considering the history of this slot. I think that military drama The Brave, one of NBC's earliest pickups, will get that slot. I don't see this show doing amazing, but I think it can pull respectable numbers for NBC. It's a better pick for this slot than Good Girls, which I feel would be better for midseason.

8:00- The Voice
9:00- This Is Us
10:00- Rise NEW DRAMA
This Is Us is an absolute monster. It should be a great lead-in for any new series. Rise seems to be the most compatible, and it was one of NBC's first series orders. Rise airing at 10 would give the series a real shot at being a hit. The Voice and This Is Us should absolutely stay put. Moving This Is Us would be ridiculous and stupid. NBC should not risk this.

8:00- Chicago Fire
9:00- Law & Order: SVU
10:00- Chicago PD

SVU and Chicago PD should remain on Wednesday. They're doing fine and NBC will have enough moves and new shows to advertise with this schedule. One move that needs to happen is Chicago Fire. It's already established and can help out SVU, which has had to air out of ratings-challenged Blindspot and The Mysteries of Laura for the past few seasons.

8:00- Superstore
8:30- The Good Place
9:00- Will & Grace
9:30- Great News
10:00- Chicago Med

Great News is not my first pick for the 9:30 slot, but NBC is reportedly thinking of slotting it there, and without a multicam to pair with Will & Grace, Great News will likely get the slot. In theory, this is a decent choice. Great News is the NBC single cam that feels the most like a multicam, so it's probably a better choice than the other returning comedies. AP Bio is my other choice, but I think Great News is a better choice, as AP Bio can get Olympics promotion. Iconic series Will & Grace will be returning, and can give Great News (and the night) a much-needed boost. Superstore and The Good Place should remain at 8. With the comedies at 9, Chicago Med loses its slot. It should move to 10, which means...

8:00- The Blacklist
9:00- Blindspot
10:00- Dateline NBC

The Blacklist should be on Fridays, along with Blindspot. Neither show is doing well, hitting 0.8s multiple times this season. With full seasons, they deserve to go to Fridays. As the slightly stronger show, I think The Blacklist should get the 8 PM slot, with Blindspot taking 9. The Blacklist will likely perform better than Caught on Camera did this season. I can't see Blindspot doing better than the 9 PM hour of Dateline, but oh well. It can live here for these next few seasons as it racks up episodes for syndication. The always-reliable Dateline NBC will likely stay at 10.

Sunday is excluded due to Sunday Night Football and Football Night in America.

What do you think about this schedule? What would you do? Let me know in the comments below!

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